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Thursday, December 17, 2015

We don't talk anymore

I wrote this poem in 2012. I never dreamed that it would mean so much. But reality is, I was not listening to my gut, and that's my fault. I just trust and hope that I will get a chance to to fix that which is broken!

We don't talk anymore
Like we got nothing in common
nothing to discuss and share
Other then the daily niceties

Good morning is met with
A meaningless Mumble
And good night is no longer
A kiss and a hug

We don't talk anymore
Cause I'm scared we start fighting
I have a bad feeling inside
That this is all going to end

Maybe we past talking
Maybe it's just a bad place
But if left unattended
It's going to be too late

Work, kids and finances
Are what keeps me down
But maybe you don't see that
What do you think is wrong?

We don't talk anymore
And that's really bad
Cause it's taking us further apart
And will leave us in despair.

Talk to me, even if it's bad
One way or another we
Have to address the issues
We got to get this sorted.


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