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Thursday, December 17, 2015

A lot has changed in the past 12 months, and more so in the past 6 months.

But more on this later.
For now, I'm please to say I have got the poetry bug back again. Some of it good, some of it "dark". It is a reflection of my soul!
This one I wrote for my best friend / brother, who was told end November 2014 that he has stage 4 Cancer, and basically he had weeks to live. After a grueling year of treatment, chemo, and the typical side effects that go with this, he is now 100% healed! I must add, he is a soldier for God, and his faith did not waiver for one minute. He had cancer of his glands, and bone marrow. The Isolation refers to the specific period, at the end of his treatment, where he had to be in isolation for 4 weeks. Prognosis was that 80% plus patients get an infection, and septicemia! If this happened, he would have to stay in hospital longer. Also, there were no guarantees that the treatment would work. Finally, he has no immediate family from where they could take "clean" blood to treat and put the cells into his system, so they farmed his blood, cleaned and treated it, took out the cells they needed, and transplanted it back into him. He is known as the miracle man at Groote Schuur hospital!


Twenty one days in isolation
Just me, the hospital staff
A television, I-pad, cell phone
Just me, my Bible, and God

Isolation, it was a scary thought
Chemo, tablets, pipes and things
No touching, no contact
Just me, the Word, and God

Reading, Journaling, Praying, Trusting
Faith in my Lord and saviour, Jesus
His hands on my body, His words in my mind
Just me, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

Isolation, time to reflect
Quiet time to reflect
Time to write, Time to repent
Time for God

Sick. Vomiting. Pain. Needles. Pipes. Medicines
Cell transplants. Infections. Bleeding. Pain.
Blood. Pain. No sleep. Pray. Trust.
Just me, God and Jesus

Daily blood tests, more medication
Sore body, no freedom from pain
Reading, and reflecting
Praying, just me and God

Isolation, lonely days
Long nights, no voices
No visits, no noise
Silence, just me and God.

And all this time He is working
Healing my body, healing my mind
And all this time He is feeling my pain
Holding my hand, guiding the doctors

Isolation, alone.
No, never alone
We were four in that room

Me, God, my Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!


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