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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Update - long overdue

I will have to post this update in a few posts, otherwise you could lose interest, and stop reading.
So, whats been going on with me?
Well, most of my 5 regular readers soon found out that my blog was no longer available for viewing. This was because I decided to "hide" it till I had worked my last day with my employer - 10 September 2012. I had posted quite a lot of "stuff" about my employer, and conditions here, and my dissatisfaction, and I didn't want to compromise my severance pay because of it. Basically, my offer for separation says something about not sharing the information of the offer, and not saying bad stuff about the employer, etc., and I probably have been. Anyway, that was my reasoning for blocking the page.

So here is an update on various previous posts:-

AlanP - so my mate AlanP had his operation, and went home - after about 2 weeks, give or take a few days. There he seemed OK, until about 2 weeks later, he started to run extremely high fevers. After 2 days, he decided to contact the doctor who had operated on him, and was advised to see his local doctor, and get a bed in the local hospital for assessment, and to get the fever under control. As luck would have it, there were no beds in the local hospital, so at 9 at night, I got a call from him to say he and his wife were going to drive the 160km (give or take) to Durban, to the hospital where he had been operated on. They got there, spent a few hours in the casualty ward till a doctor signed him in. After an assessment, they put a tube into him, through his back, into the "space" left by the removal of spleen and cancer tumor, and drained nearly half a liter of old, blood! this is what had caused the infection, and thus the high fevers. Anyway, after 10 days (today in fact 06 Sept,) he was sent home again. Lets hope this is done now, apart from the next chemo sessions which are due to start in a week or two.

Service please - So I posted about a situation I had at the local Makro store (the one in Clearwater). Anyway, I had put it behind me. My mistake. Last week Wednesday, I'm sitting in the office at about 8.30am, and I get a call from LuckyL, saying there are 4 (four) cops (plainclothes) at the house looking for me. Said it had something to do with the assault at Makro. I asked which station they were from, and arranged, through him, to meet them there. Damn, I can be seriously stupid sometimes! Anyway, by 9.30 I'm at the station. Takes me about 20 minutes to find the detective in charge of my case. She says it's a charge of Assault - Common, so as soon as the does the paper work, takes my finger prints, etc. I can go. Just need to appear in court then next day. At no time to I admit to the charge, nor offer any statement / comment, other than to ask how they got to me. Seems the guys at the store took note of my vehicle's number plate! Well then, could have been another car with same plates as mine, or, someone else driving my car?!? Not that she cared. Anyway, as we finishing off the paperwork and stuff, the goons who were at my house turn up, drop the files on her desk, and leave. She pulls my docket, and says "Sorry, I have to arrest you, it's Assault - GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm!) What the FUCK??? I check, sure as hell, there's a doctors note in the file, as well as his statement - the only part I get to dread before she closes the file is " and he hit me with an unknown object"! I have since renamed my right hand "Weapon of Mass destruction!" Anyway, now this was serious, she had to arrest me, and it was too late (according to Africa time) to get me in front of a magistrate to arrange for bail. I got hold of the Princess, LuckyL and GMan. And my lawyer.
Cut to the details - I spent 6 hours in lockup, no water, food or smoking. The floor was covered in urine. I stood for 6 hours. At 5 pm they came to move me to another police station, which has overnight holding cells. In the meantime, I assumed, my lawyer was working through the detective, and after hours Public Prosecutor, to get me bail, so I could at least sleep at home! Yea right, the cunt didn't even bother to follow the advise / instructions given to him by the arresting detective, and basically did fuckall! GMan, and LuckyL had come to the station just before I was "arrested", and took away all my personal belongings, as well as my car. They also worked tirelessly to try and get the dots connected to get me out. After fuckall had been done by 4pm, GMan decided he knew just what had to be done to get his dad home.
After being shown from pillar to post, and everyone in-between, he eventually got hold of the person who had taken over the docket after the previous shift knocked off for the day. He approached the African Detective in the charge office, and asked if there was an office they could meet in, as he was not comfortable to talk in a noisy public place. I don't have the details (well, not for public consumption anyway), but suffice to say that with the right motivation, a lawyer, and a public prosecutor were found, a bail applied for and granted, and by 11 pm I was on my way home with GMan, cigarettes, 500ml Coke Zero, and a receipt for ZAR1000.00 bail. Oh, and instructions to appear before a magistrate on Friday 31 August in the same town that I was held in for "overnight"!

To be continued.



Divemaster GranDad said...

Fuckit, dude...you are damned lucky to have GMan as your son. Well done to him for doing what he had to do to get you out.

As for your lawyer, fire the cunt!

So what happened on the 31st?

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@DMGDad - you are so right. As for the lawyer - his arse is fired! The next installment is coming!

Jayne said...


>>>>>>>>>>>fast forwarding to next instalment!