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Friday, August 17, 2012

So, fire me - oh wait, you can't, I have resigned! Poes!

Letter to my managers, managers manager.......

Good day W,

My call on you now is as a last resort.
There was a big manual out of my signings achieved number for Q1&2.
After much forward and backward emails, and asking about it, I now know that MK made the decision not to leave the signing in my number.
It refers to the ICA increase for 2012 for the xxxx WAR contract.
I have several problems with this, not least of which is that I was never consulted on the decision, or made aware that it would happen, till I didn't get a commission payment earlier this month.
I am concerned that this decision was made solely because I believe MK has a personal problem with me, and would do this just because she can.
My motivation is based on the fact that the claim is I was not involved in the signing, so should not get any credit for it (as it is I did do the QA), however, I am also completely sure that the ITSM on the same account did get the benefit of the signing. He would not even have been aware of the opportunity, never mind have been involved.

Annual ICA signings have always been allocated to the responsible sales person, even though they are always process in the main, by either the SM on the account, or, in the xxx case, by VL, as the contract manager. But it seems that in just this instance a decision was made to manual out, and it's because it's a big number, and, I now, because I would be the beneficiary.

This problem is not isolated.
Last year, MK decided, after end Q1, that my percentage payment based on revenue was too high, and so initiated a task to "recover" overpayment of commissions, and there was a manipulation of the results, retrospectively so as to show an "overpayment" and my IPL was never changed or reissued! Basically, I earned too much commission, so it was manually recovered with no written agreement, discussion, change in the IPL. It was just done.

I consider the above issues as very serious, I see them as a violation as my rights as an employee, and in fact, can see a basis for BCG violation. I need you to intervene, and resolve for me soonest.
Attached below is some of the email trail, as well as some attachments with regards the numbers.

And below were some attachments showing the FMS statement, the reversal, and my actual achievement calculations - none of which match each other.
Will see how this shit goes down! Damn sure i'm going to face the wrath of Satan's Daughter, but hey, I have resigned! What's the worst that can happen - they ask me to leave with immediate effect?



Jayne said...

Take no fuckin' prisoners hon! Nail 'em for every cent you can! Surely reversing your commissions without discussing/notifying/negotiating is illegal??

I look forward to the next instalment!

Divemaster GranDad said...

Dude...it took balls to send that email to W, but we all know you have big ones.

No doubt you will have heard from MK already but you will have had your defense/justification ready and you will have let her have her just desserts. She is a tyrant and prefers to rule by fear. We all know that if she does not like you, she will smile while facing you, simultaneously stabbing you in the back, just like the little lady (wrong word I know, too polite) she got rid of recently (who did the same thing incidentally) for past injustices of cavorting with her husband.

Anyway, I have said for a while now that MK is going to be found out for the deceitful, inept, incompetent "leader" that she is, and the end of her career will be celebrated far and wide by the entire division which she used to serve her own purposes.

Good on you for standing up to her. I salute you.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@DmGd - Not really bro, seeing as I have already resigned. All I am doing is what's right - and letting them know that there is a possibility that this issue will go beyond an internal query! Ultimately, she can't just fuck with my commissions, "Just because she can". I know that 30 days after I came of a PIP, at half end, she wanted me back on a PIP again because I did not make my number. She was seriously pissed off when less senior management reminded her that a) You can't be repipped for at least 90 days, and b0 if you PIP Wreckless, you also have to PIP all the other ales people who didn't make their number - and that would have been the whole sales team! So she was fucked!!!!

I agree - either bi-polar, or schizophrenic,(or both)!

I know you are referring to NU, and had a long chat with her on Friday. She's moving to Account manager position, out of ITS, and will be much better off - and make money!

I hope I can be part of "exposing" her, and am quite willing to have a very frank discussion with her management if needed. But, as of now, I still have not heard anything back. I give them till tomorrow, then I am taking it up to CGM!