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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I have resigned!

I apologize, to all 4 my regular readers. I have been neglecting my blog, but only because I have been really busy.

So, whats the latest developments/ Well, as you all know, it's been some time that the management here have been trying to get rid of me (my opinion), and some time that I have been telling them "Give me a package, and I will go quietly".... So, about a month ago I sat my manager down, and asked him what the official process was to request a separation package. He said it was through him. We discussed the pro's and con's, and the risk, and agreed to delay it for a quarter, for two reasons - a) The prospects of closing some big deals in the next 3 months was good, so I could benefit from some good commissions, and then leave, and b) If the corporation decided not to give me a separation package, they would make a concerted effort to get me to resign. Point noted.

I had a discussion with the Princess, and we agreed that we would wait one more quarter. A week later the boss calls me at home. Says that our division has been mandated by the corporation to cut at least 15 heads. These would have come out of our overstaffed and inefficient outsourcing department. Seems like the executive said he could drop 60 heads (this is not confirmed). Anyway, so they identified at least 20 retrenchments, a whole bunch of early retirement candidates, and then asked various managers for names of people who might consider a separation package. Did I want my name on the list! Damn right I said! And so he put my name on the list.

We were not sure I would get through the process, as his manager - she who shall not be named - suffice to say she has earned the nickname "Satan's Daughter", knows that I am wanting out, have plans for another job, and could probably save the company the separation moneys. Anyway, 2 weeks ago, I got the letter. They offered exactly what I have been asking for for the past 12 months, so they could have saved themselves some money, and hassles, 12 months ago. I took it home, discussed it with the Princess, and accepted it. Date of resignation - 10 August 2012. Last date of employment with this company - 10 September 2012. That's 16. 5 years done and dusted.

Now the challenge is to get the other job sorted. I did receive an offer, but I was not happy with it, and am talking to the guy about some options. I'm sure we can come to a mutual agreement, and I can then get going with running his company (one of them) and showing him how to do good, profitable business.

So, the short term plan is to get all of this behind me, take the Princess away on a well deserved holiday at the coast. Go and visit my mate AlanP (he of the recent cancer operation), and then get started in my new venture, and earn copious amount of money.

More on this later.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Sounds like you're getting JUST what you wanted - just a little later than expected.

Is Congrats in order?

Enjoy your holiday (wherever you will be going) and your visit to Alan.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@ADSL - yea, I got what I wanted (could have done with more i suppose), and congrats should be in order - just hope the next phase pans out. Either way, I'm kind of glad to put this behind me....
Will be going to Ballito (Natal North Coast), for a much needed break. And visiting Alan in Empangeni will be a big bonus!


grins said...

Awesome poem you left at my sight. I know your not interested in being judged, but haiku is 5-7-5 syllables not words. Yours was 7-8-6 I think, I still liked it. See if you can do syllables. It's tougher.

I'm happy about your job situation. I'm sure you'll find a better one. Yesterday Vestas, a Swedish plant that makes electricity generating windmills, started their layoffs with ninety people. Unemployment is 11% here.

Jakkals said...

I'm glad for you

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@Grins - thank you kind Sir!!! I will retry, now that I know where I went wrong. Worked hard at that first one though!
Hoping the job thing works out. It's probably not the best time to be leaving a job, but I had to make a stand at some point, and this is it.
Unemployment here is between 25 and 30%!

@Jakkals, thank you very much!


Jayne said...

Fingers crossed for the new venture hon!

Bruthafromanothamutha said...

Im so happy for you and wish you and the Princess all the very best for the future - keep in touch

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@BfaM - thanks bro - will do. maybe u can email me your private email address - not sure i have it.