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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some movement on the new job.....

There were some interesting emails coming through last night, on my other email address:-
From the Manager at the Gates Foundation:-

I am connecting with you to confirm our interest in the development of a new version of Xxxxxx. We are working on a series of technology to support the development of profitable fecal sludge processing industries with high return on investment. The xxxxxx machine is among the technologies that we think has the potential to support this goal. We would also like to investigate opportunities to reduce its operating and capital costs, and conduct a market analysis for the output products. We will have an opportunity to meet physically again as my colleague C Hxxx is scheduled to visit our partners (XXXX and XXX) and grantees in Durban June 25-26. C will have time to meet with your partner (co-owner of the xxxxxx patent) during this visit and inspect your xxxxxx  mark 1.0. In preparation of this visit, I would like to suggest a conference call to clarify expectations and potential steps moving forward. My assistant will reach out to you and your partners to schedule this conference call. Please advise if we should include any other participant on the call.


And the response to him, from my potential future employer:-

Hi D,

We can arrange such a call on the 18th or 19th June . I am away from 22nd till 4th July . I think D Wxxx and / or J Hxxx should be part of such a call.
Euroafrican will start as of August this year and will follow up on the XXXXXX mark 2 from then on .

Let me know , I will fit in on these days !


So, would look like Euroafrican starts in his new job soon, and does not even know it!!! We will see how this goes. Money talks......



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grins said...

Hmmm... Thought I left a congratulation comment here. I love blogger. Nice going.