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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our accident

A few months ago I posted about a serious car accident I was involved in. In the past few weeks I started the Road Accident Fund Claim process. It will take some time to get done.
Today I got a call from my lawyer / attorney, who's a mate, and who will monitor and drive the claim to say they just found out that the youngster who was in the other car, and who was the cause of the accident committed suicide.
Very, very sad.  And so unnecessary.

RIP young man. This was not an insurmountably incident, you could have overcome it, and gone on with your life, probably a better person.



A Daft Scots Lass said...

That's really sad...

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

You have no idea how I feel right now. I cannot believe that such an incident would be so overbearing for a young person for him to decide to end his life. It's a very, very sad state.

Jayne said...

But did he top himself because of the accident?? Wass it maybe not due to other reasons?

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@Jayne - I don't know, and am not going to try and find out if he left a note or anything. What I do know is this:-
1) He had been charged with reckless and negligent driving, driving under the influence (of drugs) and possession of drugs.
2) His insurance company refused to pay him out for his car - due to the charges.
3) My insurance company was going after him for their costs for my vehicle.
I think he didn't see chance to ride out this storm...