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Monday, June 18, 2012


Last week I changed the "comments Settings" to allow anonymous comments - still needing my permission to comment though. And already I get spammed. Some frigging moron, rice eating idiot, who probably only speaks Chinese,
 and another moron, wearing a bomber jacket - speaking Arabic came by to post some crap.

 So, the anonymous option is off again, and only them who have real emails, and names can post.

Frigging waste of time.


grins said...

You know, I've been getting a lot of spam lately. It hits my mail and when I move it into my spam file I never get another from them and it gets taken off my blog.
As per your bliss comment, to tell you the truth, I'm bipolar and depressed a lot. If things didn't piss me off I wouldn't write about them. If you think about, it what do I write about that isn't annoying? Humans generally don't laugh at much that doesn't involve pain. I investigated a little and almost all the funniest comedians are bipolar to some extent or their writers are.

Jayne said...

You'll love this little gem, sent to me anonymously (surprise, surprise!):
On the post about going bananas.....

You stupid racist bitch since you have much to say about nigeria then GTFOH! Go back to europe with your ancestors. Leave africa asap!!!!!! You come to our land, our home then want to talk shit. Get the fuck out of south africa too bitch it is our land. Karma is a bitch that is why you freezer had you tiny apartment smelling like fish.

Uneducated flatnoses.........dontcha just love 'em?
Still in the UK - back next week :-)

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@Jayne - interesting comment. No doubt from some idiot who thinks he's intelligent, has no idea that the only reason any Africans have survived the past 300 years is BECAUSE the white man came to Africa, and does not accept that if we all did fuck off, it would take 20 years and they would be back in the 17th century. With more reason to moan, groan, bed, and ask for help.