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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Prodical son

Many of you will know the story of The Prodigal son.  I remember this from a very early age, not sure why other than I was brought up Catholic (church every Sunday), and I suppose I heard it often enough to know most of the story. And for me, at some time in my life, that all it was, just a story.

But it's interesting how things can become a part of your actual life. For a long time while we lived in Randfontein, I was very involved with the Anglican church there. Then, at some point, for reasons I wont bother to go into, I stopped attending. Last year, before my mom had her operation fro the abdominal aorta aneurism, I started to attend the same church. Got up one morning and decided I wanted to go, and did. The reading, and sermon that day was The Prodigal Son! There was a message there for me, and I was quite touched.

Since then, I have thought about that a lot. Most of you know about that troubles I have been having with GMan. Well, it's very much a re-enactment of the same story. He recently gave up his flat, his girlfriend got on a plane to the UK on Wednesday, and then he came around and asked the Princess if he could move back home! When I got home the Princess told me about it, and said she said it was OK, and asked if I was OK with it. What am I going to say? No? Yea right, she will beat the crap out of me, apart from the fact he is my son, and there will always be a place for him in our home.
However, it is very much the story of the prodigal son. He left when he was flush financially, and over a period 18 months (or so) has managed to burn trough a mountain of cash, both his and mine, and has nothing left, other than his suitcase of clothing, and some electronic things, like a Computer, TV, and such.

His intentions are to try and earn enough money to be able to go to the UK in the next few weeks. He wants to go and live there for a while, couple of years, if things go well. The only problem I have with that is he's not talking about going to find a real job, he wants to go and get involved in the poker scene over there. Now, working as a dealer would be fine, I think they earn enough money there to make a go of it. But being in that scene will mean he will also want to play sometimes, and there is the problem. You can't earn enough from dealing to provide for a half descent living and to play. Difference is that over there, initially anyway, he wont have access to any extra funds. He shouldn't be able to play "on the book", and if he does get into any debt, it's really going to be his problem. I will not be in any position to help him out.

So, we have 2 prodigal sons in our family. One who turned his back on his religion, and should in fact rethink this position, and one who, like the story in the book, turned his back on his father. I'm sure that they are the same, but the dilemma is that one has a Father who will willingly forgive the discretion, and one has a father who is struggling with the situation. It is not an easy space to be in. Ultimately, his life is just that - his, and he must do with it what he wants. On the other hand, his lifestyle over the past 18 - 24 months has had a direct detrimental affect on me. The fact that is affecting me everyday, means I have it as a problem / reminder continuously. And therein lies the problem.



Jayne said...

If Gman thinks he's gonna walk into the UK casino scene dead easy, he's got another 'think' coming. It's stitched up over there & the rules/regualtions for gambling are much harsher & more stringent than SA gambling laws. Has he got an EU (i.e. 'other') passport? I hope so, but even so, he should be warned that he's well up for the 3rd degree from immigration authorities, as his residence is SA & not the 'other' country.
Really Wreckless, your boy needs to look into the casino 'world' of the UK before making any rash decisions, cos it is pretty much 'stitched up' & if he values his appendages (i.e. legs) he won't even think of playing on the book. Even if he wins, he'll be 'marked'. It's a dodgy bloody world & I wouldn't be at all happy if it were my son that had the same intention.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

You're a weena, wena. Contact me info@redpepa.za.net

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@ADSL - done , thank you!!!!
@Jayne - OK, so he's got an EU passport, no issue with visas, work or otherwise. He has contact with a placing agency who will apply for his gambling license on his behalf. His intentions are to go there to work (as a dealer) and not play, however, he probably will play a game here and there. I have no issue with him going, or that he will not be able to work. That's basically sorted out. But thanks for the advice! As for playing on the book, if he has not learned his lesson yet, well then that's his problem. On the other hand, if for some reason he can't get in at the casino's, we have a friend with a nice business across in Wales who has offered to employ him.


Jayne said...

I feel better after reading your reply :-)
Has GMan ever considered working on the cruise liners? We came across a coupla young-ish Saffy guys last year when we did the cruise & altho' their basic wasn't mind-blowing, it was reasonable & when you consider that everything they need is catered for (i.e. clothing, food, accommodation etc) then the salary is 90% saved. It's an idea for him anyway?

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@Jayne, He has considered cruisers, and I'm having that chat with him to-nite. I figure that it would be easier to on-board once he is in the UK, than it is out of RSA. And I'm hoping he will get a position on one of them that cruise the Med. After which he can look at the cruisers around the USA.