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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It has been a long ride

In fact, I started with this company in Dec. 1995, as a contractor. In June 1996 I was signed up as a permanent employee. That makes it 16 years as of June this year.

Bumpy, I think so. Worth it, well for the most part I suppose it was, but for the past 4 - 5 years it's been difficult. And now, with them putting me on a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) it looks like it could come to an end. And, as I said to the boss about 30 minutes ago, it's fine, let them shaft me. I have enough ammo to go to the CCMA with, and get at the very least 2 weeks for every year served severance pay!

See, although this corporation has multiple processes and procedures in place to prevent us doing business (well, that's how it seems to us salespeople), they also have them in place with regards treatment of employees, as well as what to do if you want to separate someone. They have specific guidelines for everything, like changes in how you are measured / targeted / paid (commissions). What management hope is that the employee is too stupid / lazy to take note of these, make notes of specific events, build personal spreadsheets, and keep all this information for in the event they do try to separate you. In fact, for many of the employees, this is probably true, but then, I am a different animal.

A PIP is usually issued when your performance is below par. No problem with that. It should be issued and explained in the presence of an HR person - this didn't happen. In fact, I was issued my PIP sometime early April, but it is dated way back in November 2011. Seems like Senior management (out of country) instructed local management to issue the PIP, they never did, then had to create a backdated PIP to cover their arses. I immediately sent my manager an email spelling out the fact that when he presented it to me it was the first time I had ever seen it.

Now, most times PIP's are issued in such a way that it is almost impossible for the employee to meet all of the requirements. This gives the company a way to get rid of him/her. did not meet required performance, has been given an opportunity to improve, and failed, so does not meet the minimum requirements for an employee in his/her position!

Great, I have the email trail, I have the proof that last year there was large scale manipulation of the Revenue and GP numbers so as to reduce / minimize my earnings. I have the spreadsheets, and am quite willing to force them to reveal their books to the public to prove me wrong if they want to!

In fact, I think that once I have had a chat with them, they will probably give me 2 weeks per year served severance pay, just for me to go away. i know they don't like "public spats", shy away from any legal issues (i.e. going to court) ans almost every time lose any case they take up with the CCMA!

Either way, I've had my fill. Done the time, now I want to move on. Either I get the job offer from the other company, or I lose this job, and get paid to go. Then I will go work for less money at the other place, and make a pln to make ends meet. What happens after that, will be what has to be.



A Daft Scots Lass said...

Isn't it awful that after such a long service that you have to be "armed" with information that you can use against them to get what you probably rightfully deserve? Employers are getting up to all sorts of nonsense these days and getting away with it. They have their pick of the crop and still make things difficult.

It only takes ONE person to nail them at the CCMA and BAM! lesson learned.

I hope you get what you deserve from your employer.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@ADSL - yup, but it's been a while that employers are only interested in shareholder value, and not their employers. We see it all over. It's just worse with the big American Corporations.
As for "lesson learned" don't believe it. They been this route a few times, and still try and get clever.

Jayne said...

You know what our 'situation' was & if it wasn't for the solid (i.e. in writing) job offer for here, M would've been prepared to go to the CCMA & fight the fight. He thankfully scared the company enough to pay a 'fuck off & shut up' amount, which he accepted.

If you've got the ammo hon, you nail the fuckers, for every single red cent you can get. Hit 'em where it hurts - in their bank account - and if you can get away with it, dont sign a disclaimer that you won't talk about your 'case'.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@Jayne - I'm hoping to get a "Fuck off and shut up" offer as well, but not sure I will. Am collecting all the ammo I can, but they are a sly lot here, and will probably find ways and means of getting around things. BUT - that does not mean I wont make it difficult for them! As for disclaimers - there is no way - unless they willing to discuss 4 weeks per year served ! :) (My silence can be bought!!!)