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Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Blues

Got up this morning at 5.30am, as usual, and had an intense feeling of wastefulness! Yup, a big word, open ended, so let me explain.

As previously posted I am not happy at my current place of employment, and as previously posted, being a middle aged white male living in (South) Africa, I don't have too many options with regards finding alternative employment. I have been working on another opportunity, but till the prospective employer can afford to pay me my current salary (as a minimum) I'm not going anywhere.
Anyway, getting up this am I was as despondent as I am ever going to get. I knew I was going through the usual motions, going to drive to the office, and wasting another day / week, chasing opportunities that are way out there - very little chance of closing, and doing the mountains of internal process stuff which takes up probably 60% of our time anyway. A total waste of time. All I have to look forward to really s that Monday is just 4 days away from the weekend. Problem with that is that I am just wishing my life away, living from weekend to weekend, with no real relief or satisfaction (job wise) in view!

Typically, today's meeting was more of the same. Show management what you have in hand, tell him what he wants to hear with regards opportunity progression, give him the usual excuses of why it's progressing slowly / not at all, and move on.


The rest of the sales team seem to be in much the same space as I am, just that one has a longer list of opportunities (also going nowhere) and the other is floundering under the process.