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LIU - Look It Up!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Got this in an email from Jayne, and just had to post it here.

Double click on the pic to see full size and to read the write up!

It also reminds me of the guy sitting in the restaurant, just after cellphones came out. Trying to impress the girls at the next table, he was chatting away on his cell, when suddenly it started to ring in his ear!!!!

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Jayne said...

You just can't beat the Saffie sense of humour can you? We are unique!

I remember a few years back when Hubs & I were on holiday in London (before nutting over to Dublin) & we were on a train...........it was packed solid, but there was one bloke who constantly checked his phone for messages & perhaps missed calls. As time went on, he fell asleep & 5 mins later, his phone rang, but he was dead to the world, so missed the call! Shame, I felt sorry for him (cos I'm a softie y'know!)