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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art or racism?

Here in our part of the world, we don't worry about starving children, sanitation problems, unemployment, crime, or any of the numerous other subjects that normal governments of countries around the world worry about. No, here in sunny South Africa, the biggest thing we worry about is racism. Yup, if anything happens, and a white person is involved, it is automatically labeled as racist, and the demons of the ANC are all over it like ugly on a monkey - or should that read "Like monkey on ugly"?!

So, what brings about this write? Well, art actually. Below are two paintings:-

The first painting, with a number of subjects, and depicting numerous questionable acts, was done by an African, a black African, around 2010.
The second one of Zuma with a flatteringly sized penis was done by a white person, 2012.

Now, the first one I didn't even know about until it was mentioned on a radio station this morning, as a comparison to the second. the reason it was brought up is that today (22 May 2012) the ANC are going to the South Gauteng Supreme court to have the second painting declared racist / unacceptable, and to have it removed from the wall of the gallery where it is now on display. Now I am not wanting to defend the painting in any way, in fact, I couldn't care either way if it stays on show or not. The problem here is that the ANC have attacked this specific painting ONLY because it was one by a white (European decent) person. Nothing else! Had any of them had any real opinions about art, and it's effect on it's subjects, or even regarding respecting the individual, then something would have been said / done about the first painting above.

Ultimately, it's always either a racist position, or, linked back to apartheid. This lot can  not get over their "You owe me" mentality. They will keep reflecting back to the "Bad old days" of apartheid. It's their way of keeping the masses in tow.  And it works.

I'm not going to try and guess what the outcome of the court case ill be, not will I try to guess who will pick up the costs. What I do know is that the painting has been sold - someone paid over ZAR130k for it (dumb ass), so even if it comes off the gallery wall, it's going to hang i someone's home / office. Can the ANC do anything about that? Maybe, with a bit of luck, it will land up in some gallery overseas, where the cry baby ANC and their committed blind mutton have no say. Who knows, we might then have an incident where someone blows up the gallery!!! Or, better still, we could have some bleeding heart protest in London where hundreds of chanting, ignorant, uneducated bores youth will take to the streets and protest for the "Respect of the ANC leadership", or some other dumbass topic.

Ultimately, I don't give a damn. Someone does a painting of me with a penis that size, I'm beating the crap out of him for reducing my manhood!!


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