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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update on LuckyL and his bright ideas!!!

I recently posted about LuckyL and I respraying the Xr200R off road bike quickly one Saturday morning because it was looking very sad, and he wanted to use it on the Sunday. Here's the link for a refresher.

Anyway,  the bike looked ok, for the ay. We didn't strip anything, just cleaned it with a high pressure hose, let it dry, and touched it up with spray paint (in a can)!
Thats the after look. LuckyL in his undies as he was too lazy to go upstairs to get into his garage clothes, so opted to strip down to his undies instead!

Anyway, their Sunday out-ride went well. He came off once, due to a mix of sloppy mud, a hole, and a crap front tyre.
So, he decided we needed a new front tyre and inner tube, a new chain, rear and front sprockets. No problem. Got them from a no name brand shop in Edenvale for around R1000. (Honda wanted over R1200 for chain and sprockets only!)

Then, before we could even fit this, he decided the rear shock needed to be serviced / re-gassed OK, I helped him take it off - that is not an easy job I might add, and we found a place that will re-gas it for R75. Cheap enough.
In the meantime, he, and his riding mates decide they going to the Eastern Transvaal, or maybe to Swaziland at the end of April. We have a long weekend, so they want to spend a couple of days doing forest rides, and the like. Sounds fine, and fun!!!

We have more then enough time to reassemble the bike in time for that.
This week Monday night I get home, AND HE HAS STRIPPED DOWN THE WHOLE BIKE!!!! WTF?!?!?

he decided that he really wanted to overhaul the whole bike!!! So, I help hi strip it down further, and make notes on what we will need (shopping list) - and tell him what and how to get all the parts cleaned and ready.
Tuesday night he informs me that the boys want to go riding - THIS SUNDAY!!!! "Areyoufuckingmental" was my first thought. My comment was "OK, so we have to do as much as we can every night, and final assembly Saturday!

Last night, with most of the parts already cleaned, I started to respray. First undercoat for all the parts. And some cleaning where LuckyL didn't do a good job.  Then, when everything was done, we started with final color, and got through mostly everything. Tonight we will do second coat of final color on the parts that need it.
Once again we using spray cans of paint, as I still don't have a compressor and spay gun, not the time to teach myself and LuckyL how to use it. So that's the next think on my "Birthday present for myself" list!

This is what the garage looked like Tuesday late afternoon:-
Front shocks - getting new shock protectors soon!

Rear wheel, and front rim with new tyre waiting to be fitted

Bits and pieces of bike.......

More bits and pieces, rear swing-arm, handle bars, tools, stuff..... FFS!!!
Not to bad - I suppose. The motor and frame where around there somewhere, maybe outside being pressure washed.......!

After last nights 3.5 hour session....
Frame - redone - Bck wheel in the background - resprayed with "Chrome"!

Back and front wheels resprayed - "Chrome". Oh, and the front shock too! Handlebars - done!

Plastics - done. Although I'm not sure this paint will stick. Plastic is a bitch to paint!

Thats the whole motor! Hanging in the garage - resprayed with Engine spray - 300deg.C!! Looks damn fine!
Bits and pieces and odds and ends. Don't think this bike ever looked so good, or at least, the sum of the parts!      

This is starting to look damn fine - just hope we can get this all rebuilt an finished Saturday.
I know the finish wont last, but we do have a second bike just like this one. It also needs to be redone, and the motor has to go in for an overhaul. So I'm thinking to buy a small compressor, with spray guns and other attachments - I see them sold off as a set in places like Makro - and we can "learn" on the second bike. Once we have it right, we will redo this one - or just sell them both and buy something newer / in better nick. However, I don't think you going to get a newer bike that will last as long as these two have, and still run - and cost so little to maintain!!!

Will post more stuff over the next few days as we progress.



Bruthafromanothamutha said...

nice work - clever stuff

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@BfaM - So much fun, and great spending quality time with the lad. However, we do get at each other now and then. LuckyL has not yet learned the value of patience, but he will. Finished the bike today, will post on it later.