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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Received recently

"If you see a kaffir on a bicycle and he gets hit by a train - please try not to laugh, after all, it could be your bicycle!!!"

Which names do you recognize:-
1) Robert Mugabe
2) Julius Malema
3) Jacob Zuma
4) Guiseppe Riccardi
5) Schabir Shaik
6) Winnie Mandela
7) Tiger Woods.

Did you battle with number 4? Typical - You know all the assholes, cheats, liars, thieves - but you don't know who the Pope is!!!

I was in a pub last night and saw two “girls of size” (as Political Correctness now requires us to say) by the bar. They both spoke with a very strong brogue accent, and making assumptions about their origins I said,
"Hello, are you two girls from Scotland ??" ... ... One of them screamed, "It’s WALES you f***ing idiot !!"
So I immediately apologized and said........ “Sorry, are you two whales from Scotland ??”
I don't remember too much after that !!


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