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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Been a while

since I posted anything. Sorry. But I have been busy, and don't really have much to say.

So, Easter Sunday was lunch with the whole family (read in-laws), to celebrate both Easter and GMan's 21st. Went well, considering the number of people we had round.

Mom moved back into her apartment today. The last time she was in there was in the 7th January, at around 5.30pm, when I went to collect her to go to church. As you all will recall, we were involved in a serious accident on the way home, and she has been in hospital, rehab, and frail care since then. It's been a long, tiring haul, but we made it. it's not over yet though, she still has some way to go before she's fully recovered.
Next steps for me is to get a meeting with a friendly attorney, who is going to do the Road Accident Fund claim on our behalf. Not looking forward to that at all!

On the work front, nothing changes! But, good news is that the next job is getting closer by the day, interest in the product is growing by the hour, and we even have a request in for a meeting with Tokyo Sexwale (he's Minister of Human Settlements of South Africa), and has an interest in getting rid of all the shit that is accumulating in mainly informal settlements, and is aware of the disease that is caused by the current state of affairs! If we get his nod, we going to be building and selling a machine for every squatter camp in the country!!!

I have produced a standard proposal document (which looks a million times better than that currently used by my future employer) as well as a spreadsheet which does all the calculations automatically - after the client / salesman inputs minimal information. The "team" are impressed, and we will be refining it this coming weekend.

Talking about this coming weekend, I have a funeral to attend on Saturday morning. The interesting thing about it is that the deceased will be buried on the family farm! Only ever done one of those once before - in Koffiefontein. It's a friend of LuckyL's dad.
Speaking of LuckyL - last weekend (or was it the previous one) he went and did a day on an off-road track with some mates (out in Pretoria area somewhere). They all have relatively new motorbike, and he only has the 1980 Honda XR200R. And it was looking very sad. So the Saturday morning we wheeled it in to the garage, and a couple of tins of spray paint later it looked as good as new.

Bike runs well, so the motor is not a problem. This past weekend we took off the chain, sprockets, front wheel, and the mono-shock. Replacement chain and front and back sprockets from Honda - R1200. From a no-name dealer in Edenvale, WITH a new off-road front tyre, and tube, R1100! No brainer!
This weekend we got to fit it all.
The mono-shock has to go to Honda for a service - not sure when last it was done - if ever. Not sure what that's going to cost either.

At the end of April, they going off to Eastern Transvaal (Mpumalanga), where they going to do a couple of out-rides. Apparently the one trip takes them through some forests, and then 75 km along the Kruger park fence. Should be loads of fun!!!!

More later.....



Bruthafromanothamutha said...

Absolutely love reading your updates and I just wanted to say thank you

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@BoaM - welcome, and welcome back. Missing my readers - or is it reader now?

Anyway, I'm trying to post more often, but time is becoming a scarce commodity.
Anyway, nice to get another comment.
Chat soon.....