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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Someone posted a thing on their blog where you have to write a letter a day. So the idea is to write a series of letters on following people subjects. I decided I'm not doing the letters thing - just couldn't be bothered, but I can make a comment on each point, so I did. Here's my input, (not all the comments are completely original, I liked what someone else had to say, so stole them, and just added some of my own input):-

Day 01 – Your best friend
Pity that this is the first letter I get to write - in fact, the problem is that as of right now I don't know if I have a best friend. How sad is that? I have a couple of mates who could qualify, we just not always in the same space - is that a requirement? In fact, what does constitute a best friend? In fact, I think the Princess is my best friend!!

Day 02 – Your crush
OK, so I sat down on the edge of the bed to cut my toenails, naked, and for some unknown reason my testicles moved and I sat on them - crushed! Other than that, I think the Princess would say that Shakira would qualify for me - I think she's damn fine - the way she moves those hips....

Day 03 – Your parents
Dad's passed - Mom's moved to a retirement village - If they really are my Parents that is! Probably the best parents I could have got! Taught me loads of stuff, but some of it

does not work on todays kids, so lessons learned are not always lessons that can be retaught.

Day 04 – Your sibling
Fuck that! Actually - since we had the big motorcar accident earlier this year (me and mom) I have rebuilt my relationship with my siblings. Not what it used to be, or maybe is supposed to be, but at least we are talking. Some things just will never be the same.

Day 05 – Your dreams
I want to be a gazillionaire! OK, maybe not Gzillion, but a few million in the bank would not go wasted. In fact, I could dedicate myself to doing some good for the world, as opposed just selling stuff to companies who think they need the shit I sell, and not add any value to humanity - yea, I used a bit word there, but more and more I'm feeling like I should / would rather be doing something for humanity (as sick as it is) than just be part of this "Shareholder value" driven machine!

Day 06 – Letter to a stranger
My letter would be pasted onto my car window, and my home front gate! OK, so it goes like this. Theft is a gamble. If you try to steal from me, and you getaway with it, good for you. If I catch you, I get to kill you. Deal? Had a guy try to steal a car radio out of my car parked in a side road in Braamfontein many, many years ago. Just happened to be on my way to the car when I spotted him. Near beat him to death with his own steel pipe. Don't think he had any unbroken bones in his hands, or face by the time I kicked him into
the gutter. Lesson learned.

Day 07 – Your ex boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
You don't want to go there. Or at least I don't want to. Have a few ex's, but couldn't be bothered to contact them anymore. Really have nothing to say, nor anything in common with them anymore anyway. Just part of "Life's school", and "school fees".

Day 08 – Your favorite internet friend
I don't have one.. ok, maybe I do...Nah, not! Or do I? Would the 2 - 3 people who sometimes read my blog qualify? If so, then I can / moight / should write them a leter - OK, so maybe I will. See future posts, sometime ....

Day 09 – Someone you wish you could meet
Dalai Lama - but they just wont give him a visa! Nah, fuck him, he's just a waste of air. Bill Gates - yea, if he wants to discuss buying the world rights to the "shit machine". Branson, maybe, but wonder if he can stay sober long enough to make have a meaningful discussion, or if he could actually add value to my life. Mandela, nah, he's just an old terrorist. Maybe someone who's 100 years old, but still has a good command of their mind, and memories. Imagine what they could share!

Day 10 – Someone you don’t talk to as often as you’d like
The Pope? Sorry, he's too busy punishing erring bishops and priests. Maybe a visit to Italy and time with the family - yea, that's it. That would be my call.

Day 11 – A deceased person you wish you could talk to
Moses. Where the fuck did u leave those tablets??My Dad - so much I could say to him now.

Day 12 – The person you hate the most/caused you a lot of pain
Ah well, ther's a book in this one - that would be telling... but then, he's deceased so it doesn't matter does it! Could get into a serious discussion on this with someone close, but right now I know it would be a waste of time and breath, so wont even bother. But this one I could really do. (Not hate - just serious pain)

Day 13 – Someone you wish could forgive you
For what/ I'm the perfect person - well, kind of, OK, I'm not, but... Don't really have a need for serious forgiveness. Not that I know of anyway.

Day 14 – Someone you’ve drifted away from
The shore line? Drifting away from people happens all the time. That's how life works. You meet someone, they add value to your life / or don't, and then you drift away. That's natural progression. I don't believe that we are supposed to stay near to everyone we meet forever. That's not conducive to learning new stuff.

Day 15 – The person you miss the most
Every time I throw something at someone I miss!!! Seriously though, my Dad, my late brother in law, some friends who I have drifted away from.....

Day 16 – Someone that’s not in your state/country
So, DMDad, I'm supposed to write to you. Duh. Consider this it.

Day 17 – Someone from your childhood
Hello Self (was a lonesome childhood) - I remember some of them who were friends during my childhood. I know where one or two of them are. Might even have their contact details.

But they "drifted" (funny how that term keeps coming up now).  Having got together with some of them after a long time only showed that we no longer have anything in common, and a regeneration of the old friendship just isn't going to happen. People change. So do our interests. Apart from that, many / most are deceased anyway!

Day 18 – The person you wish you could be
I wanna be free. I am the person I want to be (with a few faults maybe).

Day 19 – Someone that pesters your mind
My kids.

Day 20 – Someone that broke your heart the hardest
Never been broken - yet. Don't plan to let it be broken either!

Day 21 – Someone you judged by their first impression
My Princess - and I was soooooo right!

Day 22 – Someone you want to give a second chance
Too close to home this one......

Day 23 – The last person you kissed
The Princess

Day 24 – The person who gave you your favorite memory
The Princess - and still does so daily!

Day 25 – The person you know is going through the worst of times
Myself, and a mate who's been unemployed for a few months, and some others who are in a bad space through their own doing....

Day 26 – The last person you made a pinky promise to
Dunno that I ever did.

Day 27 – The friendliest person you knew for only a day
Never met one - or can't remember.

Day 28 – Someone that changed your life
My Kids

Day 29 – The person that you want to tell everything to, but are too  afraid
God - but then he knows everything already. The Princess? What does she not know....and....would it be in anyone's interest for her to know - if there was something?

Day 30 – Your reflection in the mirror
Me, myself, I......



Jayne said...

Makes rather interesting reading!
I might pinch this, seeing as I've got fuck all to write about living in Lagos!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

this is such a great challenge. Good luck with it.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@Jayne - please do - that way I get to read something new at your blog!
@ADSL - (interesting acronym) - Not too sure I will do any letters based on this list, but we will see.