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Monday, September 19, 2011

The weekend

OK, so for the past few weeks (months?) I have been going through what can only be a depression phase. (My personal assessment). Can't seem to get going on anything, no interest in getting stuff done around the house, etc. Not sure what the cause might be, but I have my own ideas on that.
Anyway, this weekend I decided that the only way to get the stuff needing doing done, is to just do it.
Friday, got home a bit earlier, and got into work clothes, and pressure cleaned the top, and ground floor decks. They need to be resealed before the rains come.

Done. Saturday morning, straignt into work clothes. Down to where I started to rebuild a Wendy hut (LIU) - with some modifications, a month or so ago, and decided that I was at the very least going to get the roof up. LuckyL joined me, and we did a sterling job, even if it took us all morning, and part of the afternoon to do it.
Then he went upstairs to wash and sweep the decks again.

Following this, I got out the sealer, and finished sealing the top deck, and 4/5 of the ground floor deck. Had to leave the last part as the patio furniture was standing on that.
Sunday afternoon, after the heat of the day, we moved the furniture and I finished off the deck. Two big jobs done! In no time at all. Now why did I leave it for so long?

So what still needs to be done? Next weekend I'm sealing the front door area and the steps coming up to the door, as well as those going down the other side. Ans if I really have courage, might just do the whole of the stairs and deck for Queenies flat!

Also need to make a plan with the sides of the now roofed Wendy Hut conversion, but I have some ideas around that. It's going to be the new garden shed, so that I can get some space where all the garden tools are now. Not that I need the space, it will just be neater. However, having said that, LuckyL is saying that the Wendy might make a nice parking place for his 2 x 250 XL Honda off roads... mmmmm... maybe.

Sunday, drove through to the Matriarch's home to see how she's doing (weekly visit). Took her to town to do some shopping, and had a few laughs with her. Just me and LuckyL as the Princess was working.
Mom's doing very well. Walking much stronger than she was before she went for her operation! And, she seems to have accepted the fact that the house is just too much for her to look after, so is considering our offer to move her into a retirement village. We have been to look at the place. It's nice, well planned, properly laid out for senior citizens, 3 km from where I live, and has all the amenities she would need. On her doorstep.
Also, included in the monthly fee is 3 meals a day, tea and coffee in the communal lounge all day. Apartment cleaning service, laundry service..... there is a 24x7 medical service. They have medical care (if you are ill, have had an operation) so that you can be looked after till you well enough to go back into your own apartment, and they have frail care, for them who's just too old / ill to look after themselves.
They have a panic button system installed so that for any event, the residents can call for assistance. And that's even for if you want someone to be around whilst you take a shower in care you not feeling well!

So, all round a nice place, and I think Mom will fit in OK.

Overall, a good weekend, and more of the same to come. Work, well, that's work. Say no more!



Divemaster GranDad said...

Dude, I hear you on the depression thing and, believe me, 90% of it is caused by the work environment. It is clinically known that continuous beating of someone with a stick will eventually lead to a breakdown of sorts. And where else do we continually get beaten? The workplace. We spend 8 or more hours there, in an unfriendly environment, every working day. We need a change.

LuckyL needs a girlfriend. All this crap about helping dad at the weekend, what's that all about? hahaha

Glad to hear the Matriarch is doing well and I think she'll have a good time in the Village. And she'll be closer to you as well...bonus.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Work - kids - Finances - stuff.....
LuckyL has a girlfriend (I think). But he's also a very helpful son, who believes his Dad is getting on in years and maybe can't do the stuff without his help (he may be right), and he's learning to do stuff!!
Matriarch moving closer will be good - but it means we, as a family, are giving up our home....
She's been there since 1957! The rest of us - well since birth. It's always been "home" a safe place, comfortable....