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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another quick update

I finally shut my FaceBook page. Apart from the Princess, I only had one other person inquire about it. So, I'm not missing it, and no one is missing me!

Work wise, it's slow going, have been told that I will probably be put on a PIP next quarter (those of you who work for the organisation will know what that is), and I'm not too concerned - more like pissed off, but hey, what's a guy to do?

My "mentor-ship" offer has come to naught - no surprises, the VP who made the offer is renowned for making statements / promises, and not delivering anything!!!!  And my trip to the USA is also 'dead" as far as I can see - no feedback at all, and the guy I was to travel with has confirmed he's going mid-October. Enjoy!

Got a call from a close friend in the week. Said he had had a chat with GMan a few weeks ago, about going back to varisty! I said I didn't know about it. Then he said he had made GMan an offer - he would pay all the fees if GMan went back to varsity to study! He was going to call him again to see if he had thought about it. i mentioned that I didn't think he would, but there was no reason not to try. Not sure why he's pushing for this - other than he had made the same offer to me when GMan was still at school. Anyway, Spoke to GMan on Monday, when he popped in for a minute, and although he didn't say it outright, I got the feeling he wasn't going to take the offer. Stupid boy. How often do you get that chance - twice!!!! He's going to learn a very hard, and long lesson. But it's his call.

LuckyL is nearly finished with Prelims. After tomorrow, he has one more maths paper next week - then he's done till finals start in abut a month.

I'm still out there - looking for another job. Note, I didn't say better - anything would be better than this right now. Can't believe how things have gone backwards in this place. And I have so much opportunity, we just can't seem to close out on them. Or I'm not getting the proper back office support - and they fucked up my commissions statement again - it's the same crap, over and over and over...... FUCK IT!!!!

The Princess is just brilliant. Definately a lighthouse in my stormy dark sea right now. I think if she wasn't in my pictiure, I'd be some drunken bum, lying on Durban beach, looking for another drink! (Thinking about it, that's not a bad picture!!!!!)
Anyway, time for another internal meeting.
Chat later.