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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Worth a read - with reference to LuckyL

every year, when the new prefects are named at out kids school, the outgoing Head Boy and Head Girl get to address the school. It has become commonplace now to have something to say about the mkost outstanding prefects during the past year, and or all of them.
This year. LuckyL was a prefect. and this is the speech written, and given by the out-going head Girl. Names have been edited to protect the innocent!!!!
For speed of read I have highlighted the part about LuckyL, in case you don't want to read all of it.
Two points to make here before you read - I was recently chatting to Mrs. Deputy, and she mentioned that in the 20+ years she has been at this school, she can safely say that LuckyL is probably the best prefect they have ever had!!!! And, a few days later I was in a restaurant with the Princess, when Mr. Deputy walked in, came over to say hi, and then said that in his eyes, LuckyL was absolutely fantastic as a prefect, and had delivered on his duties beyond their expectations!!!

A very good morning to Mr. Headmaster, Miss Deputy, Mrs. Deputy, my fellow RCL Executives, all staff and pupil of Our High School as well as to all the parents who have joined us today.

As we all know, today is both exciting and saddening, as the day that the RCL Exec of 2011 was elected is still very fresh in many of our memories and so I urge the new RCL Exec of 2012 to cherish and love every moment of the highly honorable responsibility bestowed upon you.
Love your fellow RCL Exec members; explore their each and every one of their personalities – form memories and bonds unique to yours and their understanding. Support each other, as I can guarantee you that the day will come when they will support you. Become a unit, an unbreakable chain – for only then is strength and success achievable.
I say this because the people chosen to stand along side you and uphold the prestigious name of Our High School. Are the most extraordinary people you will ever come across. The reasoning for my confidence is because the RCL Exec of 2011 has proved it throughout the entire year: welcome to Our High’s own DSTV.
First up is one of our top series – starring a muscular beef cake, who dons a rather slick-nick hairstyle and possesses a unique woman-chasing personality. Using wit and suave, he attempts to gain the love of many women – often resulting in a blue eye, and remains forward enough to announce “she wants me!” this character is of coarse our very own J F, starring as none other than Johnny Bravo.
The next program boasts her beautiful, fun-loving personality. Prone to shopping and fashion, she is a strong, lady-like character, with the ability to speak her mind no matter what shes up against …. Or how tall they are….. Our own M P sparkles in the role of Minnie Mouse.
The following star needs no verbal introduction – his report card is more than enough. Starring in his very own series, L O A is Jimmy Neuton – Boy Genius. Explaining almost everything scientifically, even non-scientific subjects, his intelligence is mind blowing and a shorter explanation is often required. His friendliness and strong belief in himself does however, round him off as an amazing person.
Flicking over to the movie magic channel, we find ourselves watching a film based on the god of thunder –Thor. This character is physically the strongest of his kind and possesses superhuman speed, agility and reflexes. An excellently skilled combatant, immune to all magic and perhaps even love, we are introduced to our awe-inspiring B A. Using his mystical hammer, Thor is able to travel at supersonic speed and the destruction of his hammer would cause Thor’s death. Much like Thor, B travels at supersonic speed as well – without his bike … B would most likely die as well.
Pouncing on to the scene we have cat woman - represented by K N. Quiet and timid she may appear but deep down inside she is a totally different person. Stealth is one of her greatest attributes and contributed to her great prefect career.

Switching back over to cartoons, we see SpongeBob dancing and skipping across our screens. This hyper-active, happy-go-lucky character shares his kind-hearted and innocent personality with us. Rarely mean to anyone, he is a determined little sponge. Our own Mr. D K is of course SpongeBob.
Roaring onto the scene is a noble, wise and powerful king. This lion carries himself with the grace and nobility expected of an RCL Exec member and is very protective over his pride. M M is Mufasa from the Lion King, who refuses to see the darkness in people.
Bringing us to Nala – another playful spunky star of the Lion King. She is not easily defeated and will not go down without a fight. She never gives up and challenges are her favorite activity. She displays skill and wisdom far beyond her years. This loving and strong character is of course, our J F.
Speaking of animals reminds me of speaking TO animals and guess who automatically comes to mind – Dr. Dolittle. Passionate about animals and craving the opportunity to help those around him, Dr. Dolittle shares these traits with one other stunning young lady – J C. She has taken her love for animals and adapted it to her role as an RCL Exec member. She has truly proven herself to be an incredible leader.
Kicking her way onto our screens is the highly confident, independent and head strong Lara Croft. She displays her bravery and lack of fear in very difficult situations. This feminine, light-hearted person proves most definitely to be C K – Krugersdorp High’s female warrior, successfully fighting for law and order out there on the Petermay.
Another warrior fighting his way through the channels is the almighty Rambo. A great heroic character, demonstrating violence and skill, even when he’s outnumbered, charges into fights with no planning – risking it all for the concept of what is right. This is commonly known as “doing it Rambo style”, or more recently “doing it Donovan style”. Yes, Rambo is none other than our mighty D S.
Skipping through the channels, I begin to hear music. I have come across a beautifully inspiring movie named August Rush. It stars a remarkable little boy, Evan Taylor, who has the ability to hear music wherever he is. He uses faith to achieve his desires and all efforts are directed towards his goals. Evan Taylor is B R. He reflects not only intelligence, but the human ability to imagine and desire. He strives to make his dreams come true and works hard in order to fulfill them. B influences the people around him to be more progressive. He has definitely achieved his goal of being an outstanding leader.
As the music continues flowing, a voice is faintly audible. Despite its volume it melts heart and awakens all the butterflies in your stomach. Romantic, sensitive, humorous and very masculine is the wonderful combination that is K M. He represents the film Music and Lyrics and its entire musical splendor.
The beat however, has suddenly hastened and the tempo has sped up. We find needing to keep up! And so we are introduced to the hotheaded, stubborn and sassy character of step-up’s Nora. She is a strongly opinioned character who is not afraid to prove her inner and outer strength... including her flexibility. Dancing over into the scene is our own J-M v N. A truly talented dancer who applies this talent to her prefect duties on a daily basis.
Jumping over to law and politics, we see Miss Elle Woods of Legally Blonde debating the “dumb blonde” theory all the way onto our screens. Driven to do her best, Elle Woods gives hope to women everywhere and believes in the impossible; she encourages others to do as well. Elle Woods does as she pleases, preventing anyone from obstructing the path to her dreams and has no time for others opinions of herself. She is extraordinarily exceptional, she is T T
Just passing through the political channels and I’m suddenly presented with the bibliography of Maria Peron, also known as Evita. She was the wife of Argentine president Juan Peron. Evita was a gifted speaker and a tireless worker. She dedicated her life to making Argentina a better place for the disenfranchised, and for this she is still is loved by many. Evita can most certainly be likened to our beautiful Z W.
Action-X is the next channel destination and here lies half-man, half-machine. He operates with perfect logic, and although many have tried, nothing gets passed him. It’s his iconic voice that sends fear into many hearts and transforms rebels into soldiers instantaneously. He is a shameless character of immense self discipline and equipped with metal armor for those who dare to defy him. Our character is Robocop, represented almost perfectly by our heroic LuckyL – an immaculate leader.
Another stern face creeps slowly onto our screens … it’s the ‘who-hating”, wicked tempered Grinch. He is an awesomely skilled architect though, creating his own success from nothing while possessing superhuman strength as well! The Grinch appears cold and sour-faced, but beneath the illusion lays an over-sized heart and highlights his selective ability to love and care. The Grinch is represented by our gentle C S.
Now Dorey just happened to swim up onto the screen and probably couldn’t tell you where or why she’s traveling. Dorey of Finding Nemo and her child-like innocence, teaches those around her the art of patience and tolerance – whether they like it or not. She is a sincerely gifted fish who, if befriended, soon becomes a precious asset to ones life. Fun-loving Dorey is our talented, free-spirited S C.
A quieter, less verbose character appears to prance onto our screens – Bambi. In his youth he had spindly little legs – very unsure of himself with large wide eyes and curious nature. But as he grew, he gradually matured and even now he is very young at heart. Bambi cannot be represented by anyone else but our delicately petite G L. Dynamite does however, come in small packages.

Scrolling through the channels again, a decadent duo caught my eye – Men in Black played by none other than our living legends P and D. These young men are so mysterious and unstoppable, the names agent k and agent j are better suited for them. We don’t know much about these super spies … because when we asked they replied in synchronization: if we told you we’d have to kill you. So you’ll just have to settle for what we do know and that is these two agents never strayed from the righteous path of their prefect duties … while including tons of fun along the way of course.
Speaking of righteous paths, there is no one more dedicated to the righteous path of rock and roll than Dewey Finn of School of Rock. A hysterically charming character, Dewey brings life to every situation he finds himself in. he is our own O R. O makes the joy, the passion and the value of music just a little bigger than life. His energy is infectious and his friendship priceless.
Romance… life would be incomplete without romance and so would our RCL Exec group. C C life has literally been a reenactment of the film – the notebook. From marvelous matric farewell requests, to romantic flower deliveries in the office – C gentle nature only compliments the delicate screen play of her life.
Speaking of romance... we have our very own thoughtful, gentle yet extremely masculine prince. Thought to be ultra smooth and charming his way out of Cinderella and into our hearts, is the heart-melting, knee-weakening … M W.
We have now auto-reminded onto a new channel where we meet the person most knowledgeable about life – B C. If honest advice is on your to-do list then B would your go-to girl. She is a breath of fresh air when it feels like all of yours is running out. This is why B is our Oprah.
Lights, camera, action!! A new show is just starting and Hannah Montanna is our glamorous spotlight girl. She has all the right moves and the voice of an angel coupled with a desperate longing for the stage. Bouncing off the walls and spinning sentences faster than formula 1 racing cars, Our High’s spotlight girl is the fabulous D D S, over-flowing with talent; her potential is her greatest gift.
As for the gifted, you might not all be aware of this, but we have four superheroes sitting amongst us as we speak! Without fear they patrol these dangerous corridors, sniffing out bunkers. They effortlessly survey our battle grounds, and are always ready for what lurks behind the corners and lies hidden beneath the desks. They venture into where many dare to tread – the boy’s bathroom, and risk it all to ensure the secure continuity of our assemblies. These school soldiers I’m proud to announce are T W, G C, K v d M and T S – our very own Fantastic Four.

But now, what about the drama?? You may ask... well do not fear as it is well known that no high school is complete without drama. It is therefore up to our jerseylicious representatives to provide us with our daily dose of drama. It is apparent that without fail, they fulfill their drama duty on schedule, complete with all the necessary accessories such as a make-up kit, expensive shoes, and an array of various handbags and an endless supply of fashion. It is most certain that these work hard despite their drama duty, and their contribution they’ve made to the RCL Exec group of 2011 is tremendously appreciated. Jerseylicious proudly presents B T, C L R and M W – our beautiful drama bunnies.
The other day a recorded Spud and realized we have a Spud as well... our own hostilite – G L. Like Spud he too questions his own sanity after sharing a partnership with mad T T. Spud aspires to be an actor in the future, a career of high status. Like spud G too wishes follow in same level of status and become a world-renowned engineer. G reflects the same intellect level of the scholarship winning Spud and displays personality filled with imagination and creativity.
Oh wait! Hold on, a news clip just appeared stating that Our High is rumoured to go on tour! Due to a rather recent discovery that’s been made... we have our own spice girls!!! G is our own skilled sporty spice. K our unique tiger spice as she possesses the perfect combination of both aggression and affection. R is our scary spice – defy her if you dare. M is of course sexy spice – long gorgeous legs and eyes of an angel, boys – be careful of this one!! And N with her heart of gold is our precious baby spice.
Finally there is one last channel to explore as a single movie or character is not enough. This channel ranges from hairspray and Pearl Harbor, to happy feet and cars. He is a young man of vast achievements excelling in all areas of sport, music, acting and academics. He is a person you have to stop to catch your breath and catch up with him later. He is loyal, honest and the most thoughtful person I know. It is his humor that brightens my day, his take on Michael Buble songs that make my day and the absence of our trademark gangster raps steals the purpose of my day. When my feet begin to sink below the surface, it is G who picks me up, keeps my feet moving and assures me that together we’ll get to higher ground. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. He is without doubt my favorite movie, and if I had to lose the remote... i don’t think the urge to change the channel would develop.
To my fellow RCL Exec, my partner, Miss Deputy, Mrs. Deputy as well as our standard heads, thank-you for all the support and the timeless memories we’ve shared.
To the matriculants of 2011 thank-you for an adventurous unforgettable five years and remember as a grade we the a-team – we are all super heroes in our right and its time for us to achieve further than we already have.
Thank-you pupils of Our High School for allowing us the opportunity to guide and help you to where we stand today.
In conclusion, I’d just like to leave you with this
Live without pretending
Love without depending
Listen without defending
Speak without offending
Good luck matriculants and RCL Exec of 2012



Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Needless to say i am very proud of my boy!

Divemaster GranDad said...

And so you should be....quite a tribute. Congrats to LuckyL...

Love the last four lines of the speech ("Live without...")...

Bruthafromanothamutha said...

and so you should be and of course he takes after his parents so congrats all around

Fishman said...

Well Done! But you just have to love the fucking english! "He is a shameless character " WTF you on about??? Oh..... of immense self discipline.....Got you! LOL!!! Wel done once Again!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Fish, you need tounderstand,these were her notes, which she used tospeak from, and not necessarily her actual speech. I have filled in some stuff hereand there so thatit makes sense, with helpfrom LuckyL.

PS - since when did u care about the grammar?

Fishman said...

WTF is Grammar?