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Friday, July 08, 2011

Volkswagen - Part V

Collected the broken turbo, and sent it in for a recon. Will get it fitted in the mean time, to get the car out and going. Then I'm selling it. In the meantime I'm giving them beans!!!
Have posted this on a page I created on Facebook in the meantime.
Volkswagen South Africa - Service Please

So, if you follow this link - http://www.vw.co.za/en/service​/servicing_information.html - you will see the following statement:-
"Volkswagen Dealers are instructed to use only genuine parts, designed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. All genuine parts carry a 12-month parts and labour warranty that is valid at any Volkswagen Dealership."

This is not completely correct, and somewhat misleading. You see, there are "T's & C's which they don't spell out here (not anywhere else from what I can see) that influence this statement AGAINST the customer.
Let's say you have a turbo replaced after the vehicle warranty expires. This will cost you in the region of R36,000.00!!!! (You can get the same turbo from Goldwagen for R13,500.00, or have your old one refurbished for R3,500.00!!!!), Anyway, so this comes with a 12 month warranty. Lets say this part fails in month 10, or 11. VW will (after much haggling and trying to find a way around it) replace the part, at their cost. Now this is where it gets underhanded. The new turbo they fit under the warranty does NOT come with another 12 month warranty, even though it's new, genuine VW parts, supplied and fitted by an authorised VW dealer. It will only carry the remainder of the warranty of the previously fitted part, in the above example, 1 - 2 months!!! So, if this "new" turbo fails within a month after the original warranty period expires, you have no recourse, and will have to fit another turbo at your own cost - R36,000.00!!!!

Basically, they don't warrant any parts that they may fit under a warranty replacement! So, do they fit new parts, or reconditioned units? Don't know.

The bigger problem is the following - a) they don't tell you this upfront. b) It's not written anywhere on the paperwork you sign for (Job card, invoice, etc). And it is definatley not stipulated on their public website.
So, they are guilty of false advertising / misleading the public.

More to follow on other related issues.
Any comments?

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 And this 
Another piece of misleading information, from the same web page referred to in my earlier piece is this - :
"Volkswagen Dealers are trained to work according to standard procedures and prescribed labour times that cover all repairs as well as the standard maintenance services. This is done to ensure that your vehicle operates safely with associated low running costs. The vehicle also retains resale value when it has a complete service history exclusively performed at Volkswagen Dealerships."

So, the car we have has a current book value of R102000.00 trade, and R124000.00 retail. 165000km on the clock (2005 model). FULL SERVICE HISTORY WITH AUTHORISED VW DEALERSHIP! I go and chat to the VW used car section manager, and ask what they would offer on the car.

As a buy out (cash, no other car bought from them) R70000.00. As a trade in, on their top of the range Passat, VW will add "UP TO" R20000.00 in trade assist as they call it.
So, if you want to get anywhere near (but not actually at) the book value of the car, you have to buy another piece of crap from them, so that you can continue to suffer with their bad service and warranty support!!!

His statement was that it's a high mileage (165k/6=27,5k/annum), and that as it is a diesel, this is too high!!!!


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