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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Volkswagen - Part IV

So, today  met with the goon from Volkswagen. Still not sure what his title is - but something like Regional Service Manager - so I will refer to him as RSM for now.

This dude just happens to be black. Does it matter? Yes it does. He thinks like a darkie, so he sees a White Man, who probably has money, not wanting to pay for the repairs to his car. So fuck him.
I met with the dude, and explained the situation. As expected he pulled the "The small print says..." line. I fucked him over with that one. If it's not on your web page along with the "12 month warranty" statement - it's rubbish. And as it no longer appears on the invoice (in fine print or any other) it's more crap. So although I hear what you say, I'm not buying it.
I then showed him a previous issue with a pump that had been replaced twice in 7 months. That put him back a step.
He conceded that they had done 2 x warranty replacements (Good will he called them) and that their investment had been ZAR36k. Anyway, we finished with me saying I want a response by end of business today, and I want to know what my next steps are if he does not give the go ahead. I also made sure he knew I was pissed off with the fact that the car had been in the garage for more than 4 weeks again!!!!
Got a call a few hours later. He says that as I have spent some money already, he's willing to go 50/50. Cost of Turbo replacement he says ZAR36k, so 50% is ZAR18k!


I can buy a new turbo from Goldwagen for ZAR13,5k!!! And guess what - the parts come out of the same factory, just different packaging.
So I called them back, and told them I am not interested. I want a final response tomorrow.
In the mean time I have sent another email off to VW head office, asking them who my next contact should be, or if my next option is legal advice, with the Consumer Protection Act in tow.

Will wait a day or two, then go see my friendly lawyer!


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