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Monday, July 11, 2011

Volkswagen - Part VI

Ok, so I sent them this email -
I recently lodged a complaint regarding the warranty terms, and replacement of a turbo in my car. I today met with the Regional Service Manager (or whatever his designation is) and presented the details of my problem / complaint to him. He has now come back with an offer which I do not find to my satisfaction.
Please advise what my next avenue is for raising this issue?
Or do I have to now peruse a legal route?

Vehicle details -
Reg:- xxx 000 XX

The problem is with the reoccurring failure of the turbo, every time within a 12 month period, and the fact that VW seems to be trying to hide behind some small print - Which does not appear on your website, which can then be construed to be misleading - which implies that the warranty is only valid if the client paid for the parts. In this case, it has been a warranty replacement 3 times, and each time within 12 months. The fact that the client may, or may not have paid for the part is irrelevant as your Mission Statement on the internet, The VW Web Page, does not make any reference to the above terms and conditions.
In fact, the statement, which did occur on older statements / invoices issued by the dealership did include the statement, but has been removed from your invoices, so I cannot see how this can be referenced as a term and Condition, if it is not posted / printed / explained anywhere.
My car has once again been in the repair shop now for more then 4 weeks. Again due to VW not wanting to make a decision (based on it's warranty terms). I am not going to go away. I need be, I will get legal opinion, and will also look at the Consumer Protection Act, to discover where this issue is covered.

X Xaaaaa
xxx xxx xxxx

A very, very unhappy client.

And got this response - 
Dear Mr Xaaaaaa

Please see attached.

Best regards

Carol Petrus
Volkswagen Connect
Customer Interaction Centre

Tel: 0860 434 737
Email: support@vwconnect.co.za
Fax: +27 41 394 5170

(here is the contents of the attachment)
Dear Mr Xaaaaaaa
We refer to your e-mail received on 06 July 2011.
We have reviewed all previous correspondence and communication
regarding this matter and wish to comment as follows:
The previous two turbo charger repair costs (to the amount of R35 832.86 on
parts only) were covered as a gesture of goodwill.
Please note that any goodwill decision taken after the warranty has expired is
dependent on the merit of the situation and is at Volkswagen of South
Africa’s discretion.
Our Regional After-sales Manager, Mr Lutendo Mudau, has reviewed your
concern and due to the fact that the vehicle is out of warranty, we regret that
we are unable to cover the entire repair costs.
However, as a loyal customer and in light of your previous experience, we
will make a financial contribution of R13 595.16 inclusive of VAT toward the
cost of the turbo charger only.

This offer expires on 18 July 2011. Please notify the dealer of your
Any financial contribution after the warranty has expired is offered as a
gesture of goodwill and not is an admission of liability.
We trust that this will go a long way in restoring your trust in our commitment
to service excellence.
Best regards
Carol Petrus
Specialist: Customer Interaction Centre

So, this is my next response to them.

Dear Volkswagen
I refer to your web page - which is in the public domain, and therefore the VW "voice" to it's customers / clients / potential clients, where it is clearly stated that

"The benefits of servicing your vehicle at a Volkswagen Dealership are numerous, but aimed at providing you with an inexpensive, efficient and uncomplicated service
experience which is attractive both in terms of quality and expertise!
Volkswagen Dealers are equipped with special tools and equipment that have been developed to work on your vehicle. The technicians are well-trained and backed up
by an extensive After Sales support infrastructure.
Volkswagen Dealers are instructed to use only genuine parts, designed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. All genuine parts carry a 12-month parts and labour
warranty that is valid at any Volkswagen Dealership."

To this end I therefore dispute your "good will " statement. The parts were replaced under the warranty terms of your service, and as such had to be done.
The fact is that this turbo has once again failed within this 12 month warranty period, and so should be replaced, at your cost.

Please advise....

Lets see what they have to say now -

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