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Friday, May 20, 2011

Some stuff I have done in my life.... Part 2

We had gone to the then Eastern Transvaal (today known as Mpumalanga - LIU) for the Easter long weekend. We being the motorbike club I rode with at the time. We had been doing this every year for a few years now, as it's just such a fantastic place for motorbiking, long twisty turns, uphills, down hills, mountain roads.... all the right stuff for great biking!
Doing one of the preplanned runs on the Saturday morning, I was riding in about 4th or 5th position. (We usually rode in tight formation, literally wheel to wheel, but for the twisters we made sure we had some space between us). I noticed that there was a taxi (see picture) up front, and he was not quite keeping to the left of the lane. This meant that, at the high speeds we were riding, we had to move across to the oncoming lane to pass him, even though, if he kept more left, we could safely pass him without crossing the barrier line. The guy riding two bikes ahead of me slows down, and shows the driver to move over to the left a bit. He kind of does, but as the guy in front of me comes past, I see the driver make a mock swerve towards him, and the biker had to swerve into the oncoming lane to keep clear! Nice, I thought, so, slowing down, I removed my helmet from my head, using my left hand. Drove up carefully till I was next to the taxi driver door window, and proceeded to smash it to smithereens, with a single blow! he got such a fright, he swerved hard left, and ploughed through a farm fence, into a Citrus plantation! And that's where I last saw him.....

Not 10 km further down the road, (or was it up the road?) another taxi seemed to be giving the bikers some road trouble. This time I didn't bother with the helmet trick, as I was concerned about getting glass chips inside it. Uplift 1 x 9mm Para from hip holster (left hand of course) drive up to drivers side window, and proceed to smash same with barrel of pistol. Worked a treat! Another taxi through the fence, into a field. And we carried on on our way. Damn taxi drivers!!!!



Divemaster Dad said...

These posts are becoming a sort of confession......is there something you need to tell us?

WV = uvbfb (suntan protection from UV b for facebook?)

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Not at all. I have been capturing various parts of my life, so that I can enjoy them later when i can't remember them! And decided that maybe I could share them here! Yuo think I shouldn't? Maybe "TMI"?