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Friday, May 20, 2011

Some stuff I have done in my life.... Part 1

The stories I am going o relate here could get me dismissed from my place of work, so treat with the utmost confidence, you all know what  mean!

So, on the back of my post regarding my management of poor service, I though, why not write about some of my less attractive (yet still delivering the required results - or kind of...) experiences.
So, where to start - I will just capture them as I recall them. No timelines, or specific order.

I Was at my folks house one day, with my then girlfriend (the Princess no less). We left rather late, me on the motorbike, and she in my car. Can't for the life of me remember why we were there in two separate modes of transport, but it does not matter.So, a few kilometers from the folks home, there is a turn off the main national road, to the local location (Those days they were locations, today we refer to them as townships, or low cost housing areas, or squatter camps). Anyway, as we approached the intersection, with right of way to us, a big Putco bus crossed over, right in front of the Princess, without stopping. Nearly collided with her (in my car!). I was following her and saw what happened. No problem to me.

I pull up next to the bus, and motion the driver to pull over. At first he didn't seem keen to, so I nudged the bike in front of the bus, and started to slow down, forcing him to stop! (In those days we still elicited the level of respect we deserved!)
Once he stopped, I parked the bike across the front of the bus, got off, banged on the bus door for him to open, and climbed in. The bus was full! (Probably about 60 passengers, none of which said a word!) I took the keys out of the ignition, got off the bus, threw them as far as I could into the veld, (Remember it was now dark) and said the the driver, "Next time I will shoot you!" and walked away. Got on the bike, rode up to where the Princess was waiting for me, and showed her all is fine, let's go home!

I did carry a gun back then, all the time. It was part of my hip..... and I mean all the time, and, as further stories will show, I didn't mind pulling it out, or even using it. This time I didn't need to!



Divemaster Dad said...

And, quite probably, that bus driver has gone on to kill/maim a number of innocent pedestrians.... :-{

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Are you saying I might be indirectly to blame DMDad?