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Friday, May 20, 2011

Some stuff I have done in my life.... Part 3

So, I'm driving back to another girlfriends house, in her car. My car was kaput (Chev Firenza, not sure which engine it had in it at that time), and I have no idea where my bike was then. (This was before I met the Princess). I had been to the mine recreation club. Anyway, there's a car riving in front of me, weaving all over the road. I flash my lights to him, more to get his attention that I am behind him, than for any other reason. Seems we are going the same way, so I don't try to overtake him, as I'm worried he will drive into me. So I keep my distance. At a 4 way stop, he stops (Yup, he actually did!). I slowed down to give him time to pull away. He does, very slowly, and I crawl to the stop line, and stop. By now he's half way across the intersection, suddenly stops dead, puts the VW beetle into reverse, and slams into the front of my car. It dies, his does not, and he tries to drive away! I'm out of the car, 9mm Para in hand, and blow the VW engine to smithereens in about 3 or 4 shots! Fuck you mother F....!!!

The VW stops, dead, fluid pouring out of the engine room, onto the tar. The driver stays put.The people around there come out of their houses, very carefully, and I shout to the nearest one, "Call the Police please".I walk over to the VW, open the door, and this drunken clown is sitting there, absolutely shocked, with blood pouring out of his shoulder!!

So he gets out, I make him sit down, and soon enough the SAP arrive, sort him out with an ambulance. Get his car towed. I give my statement, get my car started, and go home. No problem. Yea right!!!

Soon enough I got a summons for "Attempted Murder" alternatively "Illegal discharge of a fire arm in a built up area"! Double FUCK! Anyway, cut a long story short, I got away with a ZAR1000 fine (a damn lot of money in those days) and a warning, and "Guilty of discharge of a firearm in a built up area".

The other driver survived (P035), but dies a few years ago in an unrelated event. In fact, I never did see him again after thatnight, even though he lived close to where I did, and my folks do, and we worked on the same mine. Maybe he made a point of saying away from me.....



Divemaster Dad said...

Take a few pot shots at me and I'll make a point of staying away from you too...no worries there... :-)

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Reverse your VW into my car when you are under the influence, and I might just!