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Friday, May 20, 2011

Some stuff I have done in my life.... Part 4

One Friday night I'm driving to visit some friends. We are driving in the Princess's Golf GTI. GMan is in the baby chair on the back seat. Princess is very pregnant with LuckyL. So, GMan was probably 2.5 - 3 yrs old. We take a slip road to the left, and a car traveling towards us, also turns, right, into the same road we going into. It's two lanes in both directions, so I keep to the left, expecting him to keep to the right hand lane. Then he sideswipes my car. I look right, and see 4 niggers in the car. I show him to pull over, but he swings into my car again. HIJACK my brain screams, I put the car back a gear or two, floor it, and whip out the trusty 9mm Para. he's accelerating to keep up with me, so I lean out of the window, and blow his engine away! (Kind of getting used to this by now!) Immediately the other car swerves to the right, across the oncoming lanes, up the kerb, and into the veld, stopping about a meter short of the railway fence. I don't bother stopping. It's full speed to my mates house now, drop off the Princess, GMan and unborn child, pick up my mate, and we back again to the scene of the shooting. Nothing. Gone. I look around, and collect all 9 of my cartridge casings! Yup, 9 of them. No fucking around here boys!!!
So I drive down to the local police station, tell the clowns there what happened, "No, I didn't see any registration number. No, I'm not sure what kind of car it was. And, no, I don't think I hit anyone, I shot into the engine compartment - plan was to disable the vehicle!"

A few weeks go by and I ge a court summons. Eish! Once again, attempted murder / reckless discharge of a firearm in a built up area.

We go to court. here i find out that all 4 the people in the car suffered gunshot wounds! WTF? How?Ok, so it's easy. One bullet blew the battery apart. One hit the engine block, ricocheted through the firewall, through the passenger's side, through his seat, into the passenger behind him, hitting him in the leg! Nice shot bro! Another (probably my final, parting shot) went through the windscreen, hitting the driver in the shoulder. And another ricocheted bullet, hit the other passenger on the back seat. 4 out of 4, and I wasn't even trying!!!

Anyway, got a lawyer and an advocate as this is serious shit now. Take the evidence of all the plaintiffs to pieces. They all claimed they could recognize me, and that was definitely me. Even described my look, hair clean shaven face, etc. Only problem for them was, what I went to meet with the prosecutor and the judge a week before the court case, I had seriously long hair, and a beard which predated the incident. So, they both knew what I looked like at the time of the incident - noting like the smart, clean shaven, short haired guy in the court at the time!

So, basically, there was no way of tying the two incidents (My reported shooting and their reported getting shot) together. No case. However, I did have a previous conviction for negligent discharge of a firearm in a built up area. And the Public Prosecutor asked that because I had done so again (no way I was going to tell them otherwise) there should be some finding.

Ok, says the judge, ZAR 1000, and get the guns you own onto your wife's name!!!! Nice, thanx Judge!So we did. the wife applied for the licenses of the guns, but I have never had mine cancelled. Although I don't have the new card but my ID book still has the original. Just a matter of telling the cops, Eish, I lost my card, have applied for a new one, waiting for it! (They have a 24 - 36 month backlog, so no problem there). However, I don't carry it all the time like I used to. In fact, we only take it with sometimes when we going to be on the road late at night, or if we driving long distance, and then the Princess is with me, so there is no issue.



Divemaster Dad said...

Are you sure you're not a professional hitman in your spare time? Sounds like it to me...

WV = bronce (bronson, he of western and cop stories.....LOL)

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

I could be! For the right price - I will be! Ultimately, I believe, we all have a price, and are capable of almost anything - for the right price!

Jayne said...

Sitting in Letaba camp, on the stoep, chuckling away to myself! !! You got some balls & all the tales of past times are wicked!
keep them coming you mad bugger!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Wish I was at Letaba!!!Anyway, that's what I'm about I suppose.


Jayne said...

It was just about perfect......until a group of BlueRed Bull supporters moved in on Saturday afternoon & proceeded to shout the fucking scores to neighbouring inbreeders a coupla rondavels away! They wouldn't know manners if they jumped up & bit 'em on the arse!
I mean........can you picture it Wreckless......sat on the stoep, normal folks braai-ing their evening meal......insects chirping, hippos barking in the background & then some thick neanderthal shouts out "drie en twentig, vyf!" & 'Poppie' gulps down another gobfull of brandy en Coke & screeches "ag dankie skat".

The KNP should banish all Bulls supporters or at the very least, muzzle them!

Fishman said...

And you have never been shot at? How lucky!

wv = peophol,,,

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Fishman, you have no idea. Those stories to follow. Suffice to say I never go to a gun fight carrying a gun, I never go to a fight where I may be underpowered (meaning the "enemy" has a bigger gun than do" and I never, ever engage in an open ended gunfight. It's all about survival. Kill or be killed.... SO far, so good!