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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Road rage? What road rage......?

So, every day in the traffic, there are morons who believe themselves to be above the law, and flaunt the day to day basic traffic rules. This is not limited to any colour, race, sex, or religious persuasion. It would seem that traffic violations are considered as acceptable, and so everyone is in a free for all mode. Fair enough, that's why so many of them are in accidents and maimed / killed.... Like I could care - unless it affects me!!!

So, at one intersection in particular, there is 3 lanes. RHlane is turn left only. Middle lane is straight, and LHlane is straight or turn left...... I always do the queue, in the middle lane. I always see the morons who fly up the RHlane, and then squeeze into the straight going traffic. It pisses me off, but more so the morons who give them a gap. Till I get to the front!

When I am in the front, waiting for the traffic light to change, I watch the clowns that think they coming through. As soon as the light changes, I pace them, and ensure they cant squeeze in, and they are then forced to stop in the middle of the intersection, hoping someone will let them in, and usually some one does. Till this morning. This dumb fuck kaffir decides to try and out run me, in a little Opel Corsa Lite. 3 Adults in the car. Needless to say he cant, so he just comes across, nearly sideswiping my car!!! I veer to the left, pass him, swerve in front of him, and LOCK UP THE BRAKES!!!! You want to try and bump me out of the way, try and stop now!!! CUNT!!!

Then I switch off the engine, get out, walk over to him and fuck slap his stupid face right through his open window! I tell him what he did wrong, and he apologises... continuously. I then asked him if on the weekends he goes around raping babies? Needless to say he didn't understand the question... It's easy, I say, you don't mind breaking the law with your car, you quite happy to try and smash into mine, so why wouldn't you rape babies over the weekend?

Another slap, and I left him there. His two bitch passengers never said a word. A bakkie driving past at that point, full of kaffirs looked like they wanted to slow down. A quick "Fuck off" from me kept them moving.....

Time to go get that baseball bat!!



Jayne said...

Ahhh, the joys of a morning or evening freak-out! It pisses on my battery immensely when drivers disregard the safety of others, including their own passengers. Every now & again I'll shout obscenities out of the window to drivers with one hand on the wheel & the other holding the phone to their ear, but on the whole, here in Schlepalale the (town) traffic is perfectly managable.

My gripe of the week is with a certain family living on the same complex. Every afternoon, a bunch of kids gather to play in the family garden & the little fuckers tease one particular little bitch, who then screams/squeals at such a high pitch that it physically hurts. This is a family of 'new wealth' - BMW 5 Series outside & milk crates inside. Compound kaffirs with a Barclaycard.
I can't wait to leave.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Hi There Jayne, I know how you feel. My mom's "new" neighbors have a "laat lammetjie", who was probably spoilt initially, but now, when she does not get her way, they lock her in the bathroom, where she spends the next few hours crying mommy, mommy, mommy.... continuously! Problem is, this bathroom window is right next to mom's house, and faces the kitchen, where we tend to sit.!! One of these days, it's me, and the hose pipe, and the open window! Wotcha this space!!!

As for the Barclay card, wait for the "repossession!"

Divemaster Dad said...

Dude....your momma needs to call in social services and tell them about the abuse.

Good on you for bitch-slapping the stupid poes in the traffic. He'll think about it for ten minutes before doing it again...

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

DMD - they darkies, the cops are darkies, social services are darkies - like we care?