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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bono - U2 are a moron, just like Julius Malema!

So, all of you will know, by now, the row caused by what was probably a stupid remark made by this bone head Bono, regarding the ANC Youth League singing of the song "Kill the Boer, kill the farmer".

I have done the research on Google, and almost all of the news items posted the same / similar stories. What it comes down to is that he said there is a place for freedom songs, and they might be retained, and sung even, in the right places, and at the right time.

What this Irish moron does not appreciate it the fact that it is sung, at public gatherings, by an illiterate moron, to an illiterate and disillusioned crowd, who take the instruction literary, and go out and kill a couple of farmers!!!! So, is it still acceptable? Do the Irish still sing their struggle songs in public, to large embittered crowds, with the same reaction that these local morons have? Do the Irish go out and kill a couple of Catholics / Protestants, cause the clown on the stage sang a song that said they should? I think not, and therein lies the problem.

it has been said that more farmers, ad their families have been killed in South Africa in the past 2 years, than all the British soldiers during both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars together! Go figure!!!

So, my personal note to bonehead Bono - Fuck off bro. Go back to Ireland, and see if you can get some skinhead to do your mama, just cause she's from the wrong side. Maybe better if you stick to music, cause you suck as a politician! And I don't give a fuck how popular or successful you might be, you still a dumbass!!!!

 The Killing Of Whites In South Africa.
Since the Black takeover in 1994, 1,368 White farmers have been murdered in farm invasions and attacks that number in the multiple thousands. More than half of the White farmers have given up and left their farms permanently, contributing to the region's looming famine. And yet this is not an issue in the Jewish media. South African farmers now suffer the highest murder rate in the world -- 274 per 100,000. In a study commissioned by a leading South African bank, Nedbank, it was revealed that the Black attackers are
"'deliberately targeting specific homesteads to kill the [White] Afrikaner victims': robbery was not the prime motivation, in fact in 85% of last year's farm attacks, nothing had been 'robbed.'"
In other words, killing the White man, raping and killing the White woman, raping and killing the White child are the real motivations. And yet this is not an issue in the American media.
 Go read the rest for yourselves.......

For the not so sensitive, go to your Google search line, type "farm killings south africa", and then select images..... But beware, it's not for the queasy!
So, my final comment in this regard, if you don't know what it's about, better shut your mouth, or someone will shut it for you!



Jayne said...

Very, very well said.
Bono should keep his political opinions to himself, because he certainly has no correct knowledge of our political situation. The man thrives on his image, which, as far as I'm concerned, belongs on the inside of a run down public toilet in Dublin with the caption WANKER!

Divemaster Dad said...

Absolutely spot on, dude...

Just one comment...your link "Go read..." doesn't work...

WV = horsin ("horsing" around, or "whores in" somewhere?)