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Monday, December 06, 2010

Good news!

Further to the Xmas hampers, the blanket factory have come back and are giving me a 60% discount on blankets!!!

Pics to follow!



Divemaster Dad said...

Dude...let me know how much the blankets are and I'll cover the cost. You've already put a whole bunch into the effort, so maybe I can help out a little...

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Hey Dude ! Thanx!!

So here's the current situation:-
This is the offer I got after my request for a discount on 19 / 20 single bed blankets:-

My apologies for only replying to you now.
We can assist you with a blanket 160 cm wide x 150 cm long, this will be big enough up to 12 year olds.

They have various corporate designs on - their normal price per unit is R108.95 ex VAT and deliver, but we can offer them to you at R 50.00 per blanket ex VAT.
I'll arrange for delivery to you at no charge as well.
These are 1st class blankets, but are over runs from various corporate logos.

So here's the thing, they are not single bed size, and this wouldn't be a problem if, HEY, these are blankets for corporates, which they would be struck with anyway! WTF! They could give them to me! So, I'm doing the good citizen thing, and going to have a look at PEP stores, and maybe a Chinese shop or two, before I part with my money!!
Steve, Will chat - and thanks