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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Anyone know anything about stamps?

So I have the full pages, all stamped by the post office, but never used stamps. They commemorate the Natal floods of 1988. Date stamped is 10 Feb 1988.

So, how do you get a valuation for this? And what could I expect?



Fishman said...

your value might be nothing cause of that stamp. But I can be wrong. Drop them a mail at the following site

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Thanx Fishman, in fact, I had them stamped to make them more valuable?!? And the fact that they were never attached to a postal article should add more value, because normally the Post Office will not put a stamp on anything not being posted. Will try your recommended site. And let you know!

Divemaster Dad said...

In that pristine condition, they should be worth something, but I wouldn't trust the philatelic societies for a true evaluation. I took some Penny Red (sister to the Penny Black) stamps to a collector in Pretoria a few years back. First of all, he told me he "wanted to hang onto them to do the evaluation"...I told him to get fucked. Then he came back and told me, from clear photos, that they weren't worth much. I told him to get fucked again, cos I'd seen on the internet that they were worth around R50k each in good condition. Only problem was, my dad had found these in a bombed out building in Edinburgh just after WW2 and these were slightly singed. I mounted them in an album and gave them back to my old man, and now they're part of my inheritance...

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Thanx DMDad - I expected that kid of service....

Ok, so I email the dude's at the company that Fishman recommended:-

Good day, I have two pages of stamps (see attached photos).
What I would like to know is the following:-

a) Is their value enhanced due to the fact that they were date stamped by
the SAPO, even though they have never been attached to a postal article?
b) Where can I get an estimated market value?

And got this response:-
These stamps are very common issued in 1980's.

Huh? Dude - u r a moron! Read the questions, and reply accordingly - P035!!