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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Xmas Hampers

So, as posted previously, I have been working on the Xmas hampers for 19 kids, aged between 2 and 12, from a local squatter camp. I asked some friends in the right places for assistance. I also emailed a local blanket manufacturer - they didn't bother to respond, and a towel company, the say they are concentrating their Social Responsibility to KZN. At least they responded.

Boys – 2x2yrs, 2x3yrs, 1x6yrs, 1x7yrs, 2x9yrs, 1x11yrs
Girls - 2x2yrs, 2x3yrs, 3x5yrs, 1x9yrs, 2x12yrs

One very good friend, who works for a big hotel group, came through with a car load of stuff. Toys, coffee mugs, carry bags, soccer balls, and some other toys and things.

This morning I went to the Hyper, and spent ZAR600.00 on stationery, sweets and buscuits.

Then the Princess and I made up sweet packs, and  sorted the rest in the appropriate age groups. I would still like to get blankets for them. Might just go out and buy them myself. here are some pics.

Some balls, Pick-up-sticks, and Rubick cubes

Musical toys

Kitchen set


GI Joe set

Odds.... bag fillers

Some "stuff"

Sand pit toys

More "stuff"

Coffee mugs, with Mr. Grass heads!

Piggy Banks


Chips, Crayons, pencil sets, biscuits




20 Soccer balls!

Sweet packs x 20

The Stuff from my good friend!

The packs. All that still missing is a blanket.
So, I'll get the blankets. And then arrange for the delivery to happen Saturday after next. Wanted to get the local fire station to do it with their fancy fire truck, but the problem with that is it may attract too much attention, and we could have a hoard of kids from the larger camp over the road coming too. Then we will have a problem as I don't hwve enough gift packs.
So we will keep it low key.

Still want to get some cold drinks to add to the packs. Then my task is done!
Getting really excited for the kids now!!

Even made up a letter for each kid (all the same) from Santa!

Dear Tebogo

Your Mom or Dad might have to translate this for you, and if you too small, maybe they can keep it for you for when you are bigger and will understand.

The most precious gift we get, as adults, are our children. Even that great man, Nelson Mandela said that the future of South Africa is in the children.

So, here is a little gift, which I hope you will enjoy. Your Mom and Dad wrote to Santa (he’s a funny old man, with a long white beard, red clothes, and has a sleigh with reindeer, that has to make and deliver presents to all the GOOD children in the whole world). They wrote that you have been a special and good child all year, and deserved to get a gift.

So, because you were so good, and so special, you have been rewarded.

I hope that you and your family will enjoy a Happy and Blessed Christmas. I hope that next year will bring happiness and good fortune to your family, and that you will all have good health.

Best wishes



Divemaster Dad said...

Good on you, bro...

Why not get someone from Witness' family to recommend who you might be able to give them to? I'm sure they'll know some needy kids...

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Hi DMDad - the hampers are specifically for the kids (ages 2 - 12) who live where Witness used to live. Going there every month, I have got to know some of them, and feel for their situation, and figured I could make a difference...