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Monday, December 06, 2010

Some catch up is needed here

Ok, so I got ahead of myself with regards the Xmas hamper posts, not realizing I had not shared my intentions here.
So here's the deal. Every month I do a months grocery shopping for Witness's widow. And I deliver it to her at the squatter camp. Over the time I have been going there, I have got to know some of the people, and their kids. Nice kids. Very appreciative kids. Who will one day maybe turn out to be the type of monsters we have to live with today due to their regrettable upbringing!! (No excuse for crime, but there is some merit in desperation driving you to steal a loaf of bread....).

So I got to thinking, what if I did a little something for some of them for Xmas. Limit it to the kids on the North side of the road (That's the side Witness lived on, and it's a much smaller camp) and say, from baby to 12 years old (13 means you are a teenager, so you big enough to understand).

So I got one of the ladies there to do a lsit of the kids, their sex, and ages. The result was 19 in all. Not a big number at all. And that's how I got to the place I am in right now, (Please refer previous posts at this point for update on current status of Xmas hampers!)

I was hoping to add a blanket and a towel. Looks like I will be doing the blankets, one way or another. It's the only thing that will last long, and will definitely make a difference. The rest of the pack will soon be a faded memory of sweet taste, and maybe some fun with the toys.

So each child will get a pack, with a letter from Santa, in an envelope, with his / her own name on. Not just replicated hampers, each one is individually labeled, and has something different inside that the other kids wont have.
here's the Santa signature which I put on the letters to the kids:-

I Goggled it - I did not ask for permission to post it, or use it. If it's Googleable it's public domain!
Will post final product, pic of blanket, and then pics from the day on this blog.


PS - the Toyota is in for a major, Boot to bonnet overhaul. And then I hope it will do another 200,000km!


Bruthafromanothamutha said...

Ur a star - need anything? - best I can offer is $$ via the mail but just asking

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

BFAM - Thanx man - am still shopping around for the blankets. Will let you know if need any assistance! be safe!!