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Friday, October 01, 2010

I'm not surprised

Got this in an email from the Princess today. Needles to say, I'm not surprised. However, the information is of no use to anyone, unless you can prove there is a second car out there identical to yours.

This is a real life story that happened in Gauteng past weekend.
Last month Saturday (28 August 2010), I attended CESA Relay in Hartesbeesport, North West and upon my return from that event I heard that armed police were looking for me and while busy trying to find out why, I received a call from Police in Mamelodi West Police station, Pretoria to go and fetch my car, I thought this was really strange as I had my car with me and I drove from Jo'burg to Pretoria and upon my arrival at the police station I got the shock of my life (see attached photo please), I had a duplicate car, everything was the same except the engine specs were different, apparently the criminals duplicated my number plate and probably working with someone from Traffic Department, and they have been committing crime under my name until they were caught,

 I'm just trying to warn you that you may also be having a duplicate car out there, committing fraud and you could be liable for that, always verify the tickets you get,

The entire police force in that station couldn't believe what they were seeing, apparently these thugs are a syndicate that police intelligence has been investigating for some time.



Fishman said...

What 2 identical cars in SA? You must be mad! I thought it would be 5 or 6....

Jayne said...

Bloody skelems - they sure know how to make someone's life a misery.

Jayne said...

Bloody skelems - they sure know how to make someone's life a misery.