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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Another day, another bike accident

So, on the way to the office this morning, I came across another bike accident. In fact, it happened probably 1 minute before I got there. It seems that a driver in the busy lane had stopped, to let someone wanting to cross the intersection go through, as they could wait a long time if no one gave them the gap. It also seems that this person crossing didn't bother to look if it was clear to cross. As she drove across the front of the stopped traffic, she drove syraight into a young girl who was overtaking the stopped cars. Now, this is a two pronged fault situation. One, the girl on the scooter was not taking note of why the traffic next to her had stopped. And two, the lady taking the gap should have seen the scooter rider coming through, as she would definately be higher then the cars, therefore visible. Either way, the car got a bad smack, the bike / scooter is wrecked, but the young girl on the scooter got badly slammed. She flew a good 3 - 4 meters through the air, and slammed into the tar roead. She was wearing a helmet, and a reasonable bike jacket. But not good gloves.

So, damage - visible was a badly hurt / grazed / cut hand - this was either due to the contact with the car, or the tar. A badly broken ankle, car related injury.

I took some photos, made sure the others who had stopped had called for medical assistance, left my card with the lady of the offending car, and left.

I know that  young girl was not totally in the wrong, but she was lacking experience.  I blame the lady in the big car, that didn't take the time to ensure that it was safe and clear to cross the intersection.


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RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I always get nervous when driving near bikers. I'm glad she was okay.