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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Declatration of intent.

It's got to the point, in my career, where it makes no more sense. I don't want to be in sales anymore, I don't want to be in IT anymore, and I don't want to be working for this crap American corporation, anymore.

I am a mechanical Design Draftsman. And that's what I want to do. I must find a night time course where i can upgrade my qualification to CAD (Computer Aided Design), as I only ever drew on a board. Good old days, where you actually had to have a steady hand, and a good mind to be able to draw.

Today, as long as you can click and paste, drag and drop, you can design. But, I still believe that even with this status, I can make more money, and have much more fun in that game. I have a wealth of knowledge in the mechanical field. I am creative. I can see problem areas, and come up with good improvements for them. I can understand when an engineer says he wants to be able to do a specific thing, and can design a solution. A real, steel, and bolts and nuts, and electrical motors (including electronics today) thing, that can be built, and put to work.

Maybe I should just take two weeks leave, and attend a full time course. Just to get past the basiscs. Thereafter I know I can help myself. The only stumbling block for me now is the transition from the drawing board, to a computer screen. Oh, and I will have to invest in the biggest screen I can get. Two reasons:-
a) My eye sight isn't what it used to be
b) So I can see more of the design. Can't imagine looking at a drawing a piece at a time. I want to see the full picture.

So, my declaration of intent, here, is that I will look for a course that I can afford, have a chat to the Princess, and then probably take 2 weeks leave to attend same. Thereafter, i can start getting part time / contracting work, with a view to growing a private practice. there is, and probably always will be, a shortage of good CAD qualified people out there. Add to that my experience and knowledge, and I am sure I can make a go of this.

Any comments with regards specific courses to look at, and any other assistance in this regard will be appreciated.



RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I can't support you with any advice, my friend. It sounds like you have a worthwhile plan, though, that I fully support you on.

Fishman said...

Nothing beats the board though, I used to love it.