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Thursday, September 30, 2010

29 09 1020

It's been 2 days now that we don't have any water in the whole area we live in. Rumor has it that there is a major problem at one of the reservoirs. However, there has been no mention on any news on the radio or TV. So, I'm not sure where or what the problem is, but I do know that on the "old old days" this shit never happened. We have 4 massive water reservoirs in our area. In the past, if one was problematic, they by passed it, and used the others, while they fixed the broken one. Whatever the problem. It would seem that with the new dispensation in power, this functionality has been "broken", probably by removing separate backup pumps and valves and stuff, as "it's not necessary", so now they cant do this anymore. So, No cooking, no bathing / showering, no washing of anything, no shitting cause you cant flush, and queues of people at the local garage where the municipal truck is delivering water, and the locals are collecting same in any buckets, cans, stuff they can. Mainly, I suppose, for drinking.....

LuckyL is in Cape Town. Flew down on Tuesday morning with SleepyK and her family. They going to attend a wedding this weekend. They really do spoil that child. Nice thing is he has not been to CT since he was 9 yrs old, 8 yrs ago, so it's a great opportunity for him. At least he will have water!!! They are staying at a B&B located on a wine farm somewhere (from what I could gather), and he sent me this pic last night from his room.
View of mountain, and see the vines in the fore ground...

Gman is looking after someones house with a friend, while the owners are away on vacation. Probably means he's out late every night, and getting very little sleep. Oh well, the year end university results will tell me what he's been up to, and then we make the final call on that!

So, me and the Princess went out for dinner last night, and then to a movie. First time we been out to movies for years - must be 5 yrs if not more? This morning she's off to a friends place for a shower before work. Me, I'll just stay at home, get some stuff done, "vuil gat", and see if I can get to have a shower later. If not here, then I'll take a drive to my Mom's place and have a shower there. WTF!

My latest trophy creation is coming on nicely. Just having some trouble getting two images engraved. Was thinking of finding a place that does laser cutting, and trying to get them done there. i think you all will like what I have done. Something different, again. BTW - did you know how cheap felt is? You know this stuff that they cover pool tables with? It's ZAR60.00 per running meter x 1.8 m long/wide. That's damn cheap, I thought.

Anyway, I see that DMDad has re posted something on his blog, for a change. Seems like since he moved to the Mother City he's either living a very full life, with no tome to post, or a very boring life, with nothing to post. Either way, his latest post is good, go read it.

Also, Fishman has been up to things, like camping, and changing banks in protest of a letter they sent out, and other stuff, as has Visserman, and some of my other blogs I follow. See list on the left of this blog.

On the work front, it's still a fuck up. Officially, I still don't have an account set - unofficially I do. But the guy who had this account set before me, is still working it, cause they haven't told him he shouldn't, that he now has a new account set... DUH!?!?! So, we will see what they do come the first of next month. Our target letters are due out, only 3 months late, and the boss says they are retrospective - ie. starting from July 01. "Nice", said me in our first ever communication (oral, not written), "and how do you propose to measure me as I have not been in control of any of those accounts for 3 months?" he wasn't sure, so  let him off the hook by saying "We can deal with it on an individual basis".... Poes!!!!!

And, finally, LuckyL's reputation for rebuilding motorbikes is getting around. He's now been asked by a friend of ours to finish a rebuild of a 1964 Vespa scooter, for this guys son. Seems he bought a rusted wreck whilst still in Cape Town, and has done some stuff fixing / respraying / rebuilding the thing. But now that he's living in JHB, he's much busier, and wont get around to finishing it. So, LuckyL's the man for the job.

So, as can be seen by the pics, it's in good nick. Main stand is going to be replaced (we have a new one to fit). There is a leak of engine oil, no problem, we can split the motor and fit new seals / gaskets. We need to drain the fuel supply, tank, and carburetor, as the owner used synthetic 2 stroke oil, instead of mineral, not realizing there is a difference. It's also why he had to change / clean the spark plug every 5 km.... Ah well, LuckyL will have fun getting it sorted. Well, that's me for today. Chat later.....


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