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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Welcome to strikeville.

'tis the season to be striking
tra la la la la la la.....
If we don't get what we're asking
Then you bitches will get burnt
Give us increases, we demand it,


So, we have had the government employees on strike for the past 3 weeks (why they are referred to as civil servants beats me). Holding out for an extra 1.5% and ZAR400 housing allowance. Nice, what we have lost in revenue in the 3 weeks would have paid for the uplift anyway. Never mind the lost income from travellers whi cant get visa's, the stuff that people have gbrought through customs unchecked, the school kids who will surely post the worst matric results in the history of South Africa, or all the sick that have died due to the hospitals being all but abandoned.

I aslo heard that many of the patients at a local mental (psyciatric) institution have been released due to no staff availability. Some of these are people sent there by the state for reasons of mental instability coupled with criminal activities. Now they pout there - doing whatever it is their mental brains tell them to do....
And, now the petrol station attendants are striking. Since yesterday it seems. That's an easy one though, for what it's worth, I advocate that the fuel suppliers install DIY petrol dispensers, and fire the fuckers - all of them!!!! Only reason why it was never done before is because of the job losses that would occur. Now, well who gives a fuck!

So, as usual, everyone who has a union representing them is / has been / will go, on strike. Their increases will be higher than the average CPI, so cost of living will go up, their increaesed salaries will be eaten away with no benefits, and they will do it all over again next year. Bt for us in the IT industry, there is no union representation. Employers can do as they please. Top 10% performers get 2 - 4 % increase, next 10 % 1-2%, the rest - fuckall!!!

But hey, if I want the right to strike, and a 8%+ increase, I suppose I could always go and be a petrol pump attendant.....


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