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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Harrasment - and me.....

So, I have a few friends and family on facebook. I also have the kids of some friends linked. Special kids, dear to me.Two of them (sisters) are studying at Uni far from home. I keep in touch with these girls as they truly are dear to me.
Herewith the latest Facebook post from one of them:-

same guy keeps phoning me @ 4am in the morn! i dnt knw him, so i hang up & he kps phoning-had 2 hang up 17 times ths morn, & he stil ddnt gt the pic! had 2 turn me phone off 2 get him 2 stop! i must say, im freaked out :(

Herewith my comment:- 

Does his number show up? If not, ask dad to get hold of your service provider, and tell them to pull a report. They will be able to see the nukber. The n we can go kneecap him. I'm serious!

And her dads comment:-

Do u see his number if so give it to me

And then I get this sms from her dad:-

Just spoke 2 the kaffir 2 numbers 078 047 0061 nd 076 564 1276 ur turn.

So I call this fucker. And I warned him that if he ever calls this young lady again, I will hunt him down and kill him. He said something about being sorry - wrong number - what what, I said fuck you, no one dials the wrong number 17 times at god knows what hour of the morning by mistake. Final warning - I will find you and kill you.

Then I call the second number. It's the same cunt! So, I repeat the warnings, now I'm seriously pissed off cause you don't make the same mistake with two different phones (according to me!) Last warning you fuck - I will feed you to my dogs!

Then I called my mate back, and offered to try and get this kaffirs name, ID Number and address, and he said ok. Thats the easy part. We also agreed to call hi again in a few hours, and again maybe in the morning - say at around 3 am, 4 am.....

I have a Lebanese friend who is so connected he can find any information he wants. These numbers will go to him, and I am sure I will have all the kaffirs details by noon. Any one of you out there have fuckall to do today, call this doos, and give him a warning too. My pleasure!!!!


1 comment:

Jayne said...

One could assume this dimwitted flatnose is at the same varsity? Thought he'd get clever.........
Dozy fucker.
I need cheering up, so please post pics of end result of your meeting :-D