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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bar top gambling

As most of you will know I really enjoy these bar top gaming machines. My favorite is the poker, but I will also dabble with the Cherry Masters from time to time. it's not about winning, but just nice to get good wins, and if i lose a hundred rand, or break even, or win, it's cool.
So last evening the Princess says she's off to the local for a pint (not really, probably more like a couple of tequilas, but that just sounded cool) with the girls from work. A Celebrate spring day thing. Cool, I said, I'll wander down to the club and see whats going on there.
So I get tere, and the usual bar flies are in the place, two of them on the machines. One playing poker (he plays so badly but does not know it) and the other punishing a Cherry Master.
So i take the last seat (at the other Cherry m/c) and order a drink. (Coke Zero). And ZAR100 in the machine please. So it turns out it was a good time to go, and play. The poker player piut all his money into the macine. The second guy pulled this screen, which paid ZAR1000,

and I got this, which paid out ZAR800. So we bought each other a round, and I took my money and fled for home!!! Nice to have some pocket money again. Pays for my next play.


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