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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bad drivers - Good citizens

So, a couple of days ago I'm on my way to work. Took a different route as I had done some other stuff before leaving and knew my usual route would be backed up.
Now, Hendrik Potgieter Drive (LIU) is notorious for the accidents that occur on this road. Many innocents killed due to speeding / drunken driving. Anyway, So I'm driving nehind 3 - 4 other cars, doing about 90 / 95 km/h in a 80 zone. A truck comes up behind, and proceeds to overtake all of us on the left! there's no lane there (it's tarred, but a yellow line). Thats for emergency vehiclae, break downs, pedestrians, cyclists......
So, as he moves up the row, there's a slow moving car in front of him. He forces his way into the traffic, passes the slow mover, and then bombs ahead again in the yellow lane.
The funny part was when I got to the next trafic light, I found myself right behind him, so he had made no real progress anyway. From there, to the next traffic light, same shit. Now I'm getting pissed off cause a) he's reckless and dangerous, b) he's obvoiusly speeding, and that old truck could never to an emergenct stop if it had to, and c) he's in his bosses truck, with the logo on the doors, so he's making kak for the company.
And, as it so happens, it's Guerra Steel - a local steel supply company owned and run by 3 Italian brothers.

So I write down the registration number, amke a note of the time and date and road. Direction West to East. Then I pull up next to the truck, at the next traffic light, and note a telephone number on the door. So I dial it. Until now, I was planning to email them, but this is quicker. I get through and ask for whoever is in charge of transport and drivers. He's on leave, can I put you through to a director? YES PLEASE. So I chat with Mario Guerra - Managing Director, one of the owners. Me having an Italian name, and making some small talk in the mother tongue always helps.

Anyway, he takes down the details, no problem he says, they have tracking devices on board which also monitor speeds etc. So he can check, and if verified, he will have a disciplinary! He takes doen my number, and says if need be can he call on me? no Problem, I'll be there like a flash!
Done - that's my Lead SA bit for the week!


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