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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Taking back our streets

So, we are continuously being told that we need to "Take back our streets / neighborhoods", from the criminals, usually easier said than done, as I am not legally allowed to own and carry any firearm (due to previous indiscretions) unlike the criminals who are known to carry anything up to fully automatic, military issue rifles!!

Anyway, one thing that really burns my arse, and it happens more and more, is people, of all colors, ages and sexes, who don't stop at stop streets. For some, the stop sign is totally non existent! I'm thinking, one day you going to smash into another car / bike / dog / fuckknowswhat, and then what you going to tell Mommy / Daddy / the Insurance guy?

I usually just get behind them, flash my lights, and wave a finger warning them. They usually ignore me, tell me to fuck off, or just show me their middle finger.... Ah, kids....!?!?!

Last Friday night, as usual, I had been to the club for the weekly draw (prize money now up to ZAR5000, so it's worth going for). I left about 10 past 7, as the Princess and I were going for dinner with her boss and his wife. I turned left out of the premises, and immediately saw a vehicle approaching from behind, traveling too fast to stop. He didn't. As he sped past me, a local minibus taxi driven by a local minibus kamikaze pilot of previously disadvantaged breeding, i flashed my headlights at him as a warning. Usually this causes the drivers to at least slow right down to an "almost stop" at the next stop street. Not this guy. Straight through without even touching his brakes. I followed him, stopping where required, and then catching up. The next stop, same thing. By now I'm getting seriously pissed off. The next stop street he has to stop, as there is traffic crossing. he then crosses over, and turns left into a filling station. he parks there to one side. He's come to collect the staff who work at the local Pick'nPay, (LIU), who have just knocked off from work. So I follow him, and pull up in front of his taxi. i get out, walk around my car and show him to roll down his window. At this point he has no idea whats going on. As the window bottoms out, I reach him, lean into the taxi and give him a klap (LIU) for hell, right across his left ear! He's stunned.....
I keep slapping his head as I take him to task, about who he thinks he is not having to stop at stop street? if he wants to drive like that he better do it in Soweto, not here in my streets? if he knocks down one of my kids I'll be forced to kill him....! All this time he's looking completely stunned, probably a good whack on the ear the first time round, and does not retaliate at all. i also notice that I now have an audience of probably 25 - 30 darkies watching me. All the staff from the Pick'nPay, as well as the filling station employees. And the only other white person near to me is a big, very big Dutchman, who had got out of his car, and walked closer, kind of "watching my back"!

I lean into the taxi again, take out the keys and throw them into the back of his vehicle somewhere, turn around and get back into my car, and leave. Not a word said, no one came to help the driver. Nada!

Some guys think I was a bit reckless, insofar as if he took my number plate details (or anyone for that matter) they could trace me and file a complaint at the local police station. I suppose they could. But I don't think they did. And if it comes to that, I'll address that problem in turn. For now, I'm sure there is one taxi driver who will stop at the stop streets in my neighborhood, just in case that crazy white guy is around. Doos!!!



Fishman said...

Now that must have been a stress reliever...

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

You have no idea..... And now for my next trick!