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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Facebooking and wasting time

Some of you will recall that a few weeks ago, for some unexplained reason, the powers that be closed down my Facebook page. An email to my private email address confirmed that I had "Broken one of the rules" and so they had shut the page down. There would be no further discussions around this, and they don't tell you exactly what you did wrong, and they don't respond to emails.

Oh, what to do????? Easy, open a new Facebook page, using a different email address, (free mail address) from another site. And viola! within a few hours you are back up and running, can go and re invite all your friends, leave out the one's you didn't really care for first time round, and your back in business.

And thereafter, you start to spam the Facebook administrators.Every time i log into my email, I resend the original email requesting an explanation from them. They don't respond, but hey, I don't really care anyway. Someone has to open, read and delete my email, at least 17 times a day. Go figure, you would think they would explain themselves and hope I would go away.

I know what you are thinking - the email is going to a machine that just ignores my mail, or they have me ticked as spam, and my email goes straight into a spam folder anyway. That's fine. i don't care one way or another. Just feels good knowing I'm bugging someone / something somewhere.

So how about this Facebook thing anyway. Any use to anyone? Other than finding out most of the "pretty / popular" girls that were at school with me are now fat / ugly / 3 x divorced, and that most of the guys I remember are either dead / fat / 3 x divorced, the most time I spend on it is to play Texas Hold'em Poker! Go figure. And it's not even for money! That, and keeping upto date with who my boys are dating right now (LuckyL has been dating the same girl forever, but GMan's been a bit out of sorts lately with the girls, and I'm hoping to spot a special person in his "new friends" soon.

The Princess posts some stuff every now and then, and has more friends online that I have in real life. But otherwise, it's basically a useless tool, and I don't give it much time anymore. Main reason for having a presence there is because I can. Just cause those clowns who administer the site decided to close down my first page.

So, I keep blogging, hope you all (except those bloody Chinese) keep reading and commenting.


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