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Thursday, August 12, 2010

This coming weekend should prove interesting

So what's going down this coming weekend? Well, firstly, the Princess is off to Bloemfontein with two of her girlfriends. They driving through together on Friday morning. One of them has 2 daughters attending Uni over there. And this weekend is a Mother / Daughter weekend. So, The mom is going as mom to one child, Princess is going as the mother to the second child, and the third girlfriend is "adopting" one of the other girls who's mommy can't make it.

Judging by their facebook comments, it's planned as a massive pub crawl, right down to which pubs they going to, and tthe fact that they have decided to use taxi's to get to and from wherever they going!!! (Good planning that - us guys would just drive....!)

I'm sure they going to have an awesome time, with much alcohol being consumed, and expect that a very long drive back will take place on Sunday.

Ok, so LuckyL is going with his girlfriend, SleepyK, to some or other thing on Friday evening, then they staying over at our place (so I need to be home), then Saturday morning they go with SleepyK's mom to SleepyK's hockey match, after which they will get dropped off at the Princess's nephew's kids 1st birthday party! From there they will be coming home with Queenie, and will then be off to SleepyK's home for the rest of the weekend.

GMan wil probably be working on Friday night, followed by some late night (early morning) clubbing. Then he will sleep till just past midday, after which he has to go and run a ZAR5k freezeout Texas Hold'Em Poker tournament. This normally includes a cash game for the early fall outs, and this game will run till the early hours of Sunday morning.

When he gets home he'll be clapped, and will probably sleep till well after lunch on Sunday.

So then there's me. What to do. A whole wekend, basically alone at home - weekend bachelor!
Friday night, probably down to the club for the draw at least. Maybe stay there till LuckyL calls to say they on their way home.
Saturday, well there is so much to be done. But a friend, subject to the house being completed, should be moving in to his new place. Might offer my services there and help them move.
Maybe just take the bike and go for a long ride - go visit mom.
Maybe just stay home, get a gardener in and get some chores done around the house.
Maybe just stay home and do the couch potato thing all day.
Don't know, but what I do know is that whatever I decide to do, I'll be doing it alone. Unless there's someone out there with some spare cash, about ZAR5k would do, then I could buy into the tournament that GMan is running, and maybe win a small fortune.


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