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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Commission payments and the corporation

So, for over a year now I have been fighting the corporation with regards the fact that I am convinced my commission statements, and payments have been calculated wrong! Since I picked up the first mistake last year July, and I have been escalating this continuously. And every time the dumb fuck clown who gets tasked with sorting it out would come back to me to say they can't find any mistake, and every time I'd tell him to fuck off and go do it again.
In January this year I escalated the issue to the CGM (Country General Manager). He said he's get it sorted, sent it out there to get done, and it landed back at the same poes who said there was nothing wrong in the first place. However, I was now convinced that 2nd Half numbers were also wrong. I kept pushing... hard.
This week Tuesday, I had a meeting with another lady, around the same issue. She listened, made notes and promised to investigate. Yea, I thought, you and every dumb fuck before you. Exactly 24 hours later I got an email from her to say I was right! 1st Half 2009, 2nd Half 2009, and 1st Half 2010, they short paid me every time!!!

She has now done the consolidation, and sent it up for approval, after which they are supposed to pay me, by my calculation ZAR35k!!!!

Amazing what can be done if a person is competent!


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