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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's a bad place to be right now

You might think were doing ok
And might be envious of our situation
We laugh and smile and entertain
And everything smells like roses

The reality though is not what you see
You got to be standing next to me
To see the challenges that I face
To know the depth of this despair

You don't seem to understand
You can't fathom the extent
That the cost of living
Is challenging our very existence

It's a delicate balancing act
but this rope is getting thinner
So making it across is nearly impossible
The rope is going to break

Reality is not very pretty
Everything is at risk
The wolves are coming closer
We have no more defense

We'll keep on fighting the system
And try to make ends meet
but reality is stronger then wishes
And we're losing the battle, that's sure.


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