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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LuckyL !

Some time a go (about 2 yrs back) I posted when GMan was selected for one of the school prefects.
This morning I attended the announcements of next years prefects, and LuckyL made it!!!
So, I have a 100% record - 2 boys = 2 prefects!!

Makes for a very, very proud dad! Not that I didn't expect any less I might add!!! Nah, just kidding. When I got into this being a dad thing, the most I would ask for is that my kids would just finish school, and not leave early / get thrown out, before they made their matric. Now however, the expectations is that they get some form of tertiary education as a minimum. My how our expectations change as we go along.

Anyway, I can only say that my boys have, for the most part, always made me proud, and no matter what happens later, I will always have so many incredible memories from which I can draw on!!

Thanks boys, and especially today, thank you LuckyL!!!!



Jayne said...

This I most definitely can relate to - our son went to a school where becoming a prefect was just about reserved for the sons of old boys. I didn't think my son stood a hope in hell, especially due to his first few months at the school in Std 8 (buggered off from hostel, got ratarse drunk, was picked up around 2am.....see what I mean?) When I got the call from school, telling me he was to be made a prefect, I was shocked/stunned/not a little amazed, but so incredibly proud!

Well done to both your boys hon - it's a major achievement & well, y'know, it's just bloody awesome :-D

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Thanks Jayne - I know what you mean. And even if it has no relevance to the rest of his life, it still tells him that by doing a bit more than the rest you can be rewarded!