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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Recent changes to blogging

I have seen some changes to the blog site of late, and some very useful functions. Firstly, the picture upload is very user friendly now, with options for sizing as well as positioning of the photo. And there is an "Add Caption" button which is really neat.
It's definitely a major improvement from the old system, and now the pics are placed where you want them first time, without having to move text around to fit the pics positioning. Also, for a while back there, I wasn't seeing the pics, only the code, and had to move in and out of the preview screen to see which pic was where. no longer a problem.

Then there is the comments control page:-
great for ensuring that no comments get posted without your permission. repeat offenders, like the damn Chinese clowns who can't post in English can now be linked to the spam icon, and they get trashed automatically. Also, I don't have to check my emails to see if anyone has left a comment, It's all here.

The new page layout options are also great, and rearranging same is a doddle. No more having to stuff around with the code, everything is click / drag / re-size....

I think they can add more options with regards the font. I personally like the Comic Sans MS, but it's not available - yet.

Basically, the developers have done a great job of improving the blogger experience. I Just hope that it remains a free application, and does not become a billable function, like so many other things do.


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