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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cars, Insurance and panelbeaters......

So, I posted a while ago that some clown drove into the back of my car. been a hassle getting everything sorted, but eventually I got the go ahead to ave the car repaired. Drove it down to the panel beaters yesterday, and because there was no one else home to fetch me, I got LuckyL to ride behind me on the bike (my XJR 1200!!!) so I could get back. Man, did he ever enjoy that! he's been nagging the Princess to let him use my bike forever, always a NO! You too young / small / crazy......

Anyway, while it's there I'm having the windscreen replaced too. It had a few chips, but on my way home from work yesterday, I drove past a site where there are workers digging / burying cables along the pavement. I was about 30 meters away when one of them put his pick axe through a water pipe! Well, the fountain blew at least 30 meters into the air, and along with it tons of ground, and some nasty rocks and stones. As luck would have it, one landed on the top of the windscreen and it cracked all the way through, top to bottom. So that's that!

A bonus for me is that the insurance company forgot / neglected to remove the car hire option from my insurance! Excellent. So now I'm driving an Avis rental, which I collected this morning at about 11.30 am. It's a Chevrolet Aveo, automatic (that's cause my cars an automatic). I think it's about a 1500.... but goes very very well! The ride height is also higher than my current car, so it's a very enjoyable motor car.
Anyway, I have it for the next 21 days at least, but expect to get my own car back in a week or so.


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