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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bloggers book

So how many of you have ever thought of making a book of your blogs? Or parts of it? Well, now you can, and it's quite cheap too. I have "run" the poems on my blog through this option, and will do the same for the SADF stuff, but not sure if I will have them printed yet. Also, I want the poems on one page each, and can't seem to get the thingy to do that yet.

If you interested, even just to see whats there, here's the link - Bloggers Book.

So when you get there, you can do a dummy book without registering, or, like me, register and get it over with. I then did a book selecting the Label "Poem", and only a few unrelated posts came through with all the poems. i probably have the loink in them for some other reason anyway. But you can then edit the stuff that is linked, as well as select a front and back page, and do a dedication and all kinds of stuff. Quite clever, and neat.
Now if I can just get someone to sponsor a copy for me.......


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